Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-05-16

  • It saddens me that liability has to be discussed re: railroads in Crozet. “Don’t let a train sneak up on you” seems sufficient advice #
  • RT @Rullmania: Taking video of lightning is hard! Here is a storm in Crozet tonight: [very cool] #
  • RT @centofante: House across the street just got hit by lighning! Hole in the side just where the roof meets [wow!] #
  • The fencing of Crozet’s Square – #
  • RT @CBS19: Crews at The Square in Crozet sent back this picture of the railroad company blocking off parking – #
  • Registration for Crozet Pool’s swim team starts this weekend – #
  • The fencing off of Crozet’s Square – in pictures – #
  • RT @k12albemarle: Jordan Haws of Western Albemarle High School has been named the 2010 VHSL Group AA Athlete of (cont) #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Crozet’s “the Square” is being fenced off [glad @bspinosa and @CrozetGazette are here ] #
  • RT @traviskoshko: En route to Crozet, the air feels ripe for thunderstorms… [hot, thick & sticky air] #
  • RT @NBC29: Fence going up around long-established parking on RR property in Crozet; much angst as cars are blocked in and businesses fume. #
  • RT @CrozetGazette: CSX is fencing off The Square now. Pictures and details coming soon. #
  • A brief summary of Thursday’s Crozet Community Assoc meeting thanks to @JessicaJaglois #
  • 52 responses to the Crozet signs poll – – I’m kind of surprised by how many have voted. #
  • Have you voted for your favorite Crozet entrance sign? #
  • Vote for your favorite entrance sign in Crozet – #
  • Apparently Ann Mallek works fast. #
  • Thanks to @AnytimeFitnessC for the car on fire picture. #
  • Car on fire in Crozet – #
  • Thunder in Crozet. Hooray! cc: @TravisKoshko rescue squad sirens are already sounding. #
  • Vince – creating a long and lasting impact on kids’ lives. #
  • Vince – figuring out what barriers exist re: kids walking to school. #
  • Virtually every group in Crozet helped to get this grant. Karen Marcus, Crozet Elementary’s principal up now. Vince w/ ACCT w/ her #
  • Flashing crosswalk, new sidewalk. Ann Mallek just finished speaking. Barbara Massie w/ school board talking #
  • $190k for pedestrian improvements in Crozet near Crozet Elementary! #
  • Not a bad view – townhomes being built in Old Trail Village. #
  • I love @trailsidecoffee. That is all. #
  • Looking forward to the press conference today about the pedestrian safety grant in Crozet. #
  • RT @ChilesPeachOrch: The rain is gone and it’s a beautiful morning! Strawberries are abundant, come on out! #
  • RT @VAFireNews: VAFireNews: New Delivery – Crozet VFD Truck 54 [Crozet got a new fire truck?] #
  • I just don’t get joggers in Old Trail running *way in the road* against oncoming traffic. It’s not a smart practice. #
  • It seems like the stream of cars into the Arts & Crafts festival hasn’t abated for a couple hours now #

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