Crozet Trails Crew gets Noticed

Good. From today’s Daily Progress: (follow along or contact the Crozet Trails crew via their blog)

The Crozet Trails Crew — one of numerous local groups of its kind — has about eight to 10 regulars, and Mauzy hopes that number grows.
“Once we start working on the trails that really connect the community … I feel like that’s what’s really going to bring folks out,” Mauzy said. “When they have a safe route where they can ride their bikes with their kids on a Sunday, or on a Saturday morning to the farmers market in downtown Crozet, I think that’s going to do wonders for the community.”

The Scottsville Trails Group, Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club, Virginia Master Naturalists and Neighbors of our Parks are also among regular volunteer groups. The Rivanna Trails Foundation, Rivanna Conservation Society and the Appalachian Trail Club also work to provide trails in the county.

Mauzy and county leaders say workers are focused on building a system in which many trails connect. Some Crozet residents also hope to have, eventually, a trail system that connects Crozet to Charlottesville.

Better to do it ourselves than depend on the government.

Also – they are looking for a local school liaison. Volunteers wanted.

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