5 Replies to “Mas to Millers Checks Out Crozet Pizza”

  1. Sorry to digress: Nothing wrong with Crozet’s Sal’s pizzas, better family-friendly ambiance and not the arrogance that we encountered several times at the “legendary” Crozet Pizza. And they got us badly messed up pizzas when we tried CP back in 2001. Have not been back since as we truly enjoy Sal’s.

  2. This is not the original Crozet Pizza. Thoses days are gone. Sal’s, in my opinion is better. The people at Crozet Pizza might of bought the name and location but they are just another tourist trap type of place… Wonder
    that they don’t claim to be “historic”.

  3. digress from the digression….Another option is Blue Ridge Brewery’s pizza. A purist may not agree its pizza, but its one of best tasting pizzas around (and then some). Square pizza with apples and bratwurst. Sounds strange, but it is tasty.

    Is Sal’s in Crozet related to the Sal’s Pizza in Earlysville?

    1. I absolutely agree with the Blue Mountain Brewery opinion. The pizza is different, but very very good. Plus you can fill up your growler while you’re there. 🙂

      1. Sure, BMB’s pizza is more than delicious! Combined with outdoor seating (hard to come by in Crozet downtown) and views and a sampler of yummy beers…

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