The HooK Looks at Re-Store ‘N Station

Lisa Provence at the HooK reports.

I hadn’t heard this anywhere.

As for the owners, Michelle Sprouse says she and her husband envision the Re-Store ‘N Station as an environmentally friendly place— complete with healthy foods— and whose the motto will be “refuel, replenish, refresh.”

I’d love for the Sprouses to write a letter to RealCrozetVA describing what their vision is.

If you want or need background on the Restore N’ Station or the Re-Store N’Station or Re-Store ‘N Station.

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11 Replies to “The HooK Looks at Re-Store ‘N Station”

  1. maybe Jo Higgins finally realized that they have to do some “advertizing” to reduce the amount of opposition here. But I am not sure if Yancey Mills and Freetown residents are won over by this… (the famous three dots!)

  2. Maybe these people mean what they say. Maybe you do not know any Yancey Mills or Freetown residents that actually believe your chaos
    theory. Maybe, just maybe, during grand opening, when they are handing
    out the freebies, you will be standing in line waiting for one…

  3. “We are a local family,” says Sprouse. “The station would locally owned and locally run.” Give me a break. Either they need to stop letting their attorney speak for them or this is just lip service for the press! In the recent BOS meeting, the attorney made it clear that the Sprouses wanted to sell this station to a national chain and the sooner they got it approved…the sooner they could move forward with that plan.

    If I am willing to drive 1/2 mile from my home, I have a choice of 3 gas stations, add a mile and I can get to 5! It isn’t about no growth…it is about SMART growth!

    1. Within this 1 1/2 miles you write about how many coffee shops and
      restaurants? Does “SMART growth” only apply to gas stations???

  4. I would think services like Gas stations off the interstate typically cater towards transients. Service oriented Businesses in downtown Crozet (square and such) typically cater local residents, especially with the downtown portion as far away from the highway it is. So as long as multiple restaurants & coffee shops feel they can survive, go for it.

    1. Yes, thats correct. It is also correct to say that a gas station close to a
      large tract housing developement and on a major highway can survive
      and should be allowed to “go for it”.

  5. The family spent beaucoup money in Crozet yesterday — Trailside Coffee, Fardowners for lunch, Starr Hill for fresh growlers, two trips to grocery stores (both the Teeter and Great Value) — if only those businesses knew they were taking the devil’s money washed in the paycheck of a tract housing resident. I think they would rather me not spend my money there.

  6. When you say we, do you mean the small business community in western Albemarle or Crozet? Because I am guessing you aren’t in that group.

    And … you … missed … my … point …

    One thing I didn’t do that day … buy gas.

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