Bike Month 2011 – How Is Crozet Going to Participate?

It’s Bike Month; the folks at Bike Charlottesville have coordinated an outstanding set of events which I encourage you to participate in any way that you can.

Here in Crozet, walking or biking to school or coffee shops or the library is an eminently doable thing and something that everyone should consider.

How are you going to participate in Bike Week?

I tried to revitalize the Walk To School program at Crozet Elementary, but ran into so many bureaucratic and “worried about liability” impediments that I conceded to those concerns.

Managing that process is a feat and skill unto itself. Rather than try to work within the defined systems, I’ll simply keep riding my bike with my daughter to school, wear my helmet inside the school to encourage conversations with kids who will hopefully pester their parents and continue trying to both set and example and “walk the walk”, if you will.

Bureaucracy has its place, as do safety concerns, but both seem more concerned with preventing progress and CYA than actually accomplishing anything.

I’m still wondering where the pedestrian improvements for Crozet Elementary are.

Please take the time to read Seth Godin’s “Times a Million” post from 2007; it made a real impact on how I think and the decisions I make.

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One Reply to “Bike Month 2011 – How Is Crozet Going to Participate?”

  1.  keep up the good work!  I hope the pain at the gas pumps will help people be more friendly to us family bikers….

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