Re Store N Station Slammed by ARB

I feel like each step of this should be preceded by a Law & Order style title as this story has so many twists and characters … I’d love to see a timeline.

The Albemarle Architectural Review Board has panned the design for a 2-story gas station and convenience store proposed for U.S. Route 250 in Crozet.

I know this: I’m glad I’m not trying to build a commercial building in Albemarle.

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15 Replies to “Re Store N Station Slammed by ARB”

  1. Hopefully if you were trying to build a commercial building in Albemarle it would be more appropriate for the physical site and community than this one. It’s a dog on so many levels. Why the property owners are so dead set on putting a gas station there I don’t understand.

    1. yeah, i’m a bit confused on how someone would continue to establish a localized service oriented business that has not been welcomed by the local community and possibly wouldn’t get much business from them.

      Perhaps too much has been invested to back out now.

      Would I build/move to an area not welcomed? (Ed, comments?). 

        1. perhaps.  Additionally, the hardcore non-coffee house people can still have their decaf-choco-latte-with whip cream from this gas station w/o ruining their image. 

      1. Are you saying that the local community wanted Old Trail? The
        damage has already been done. A gas station down the road from a large tract housing complex, works for me… Why do you assume that everyone is against this?? 

        1. My assumption that most people are against the RestoreNStation is from by what is posted on this blogs.  Myself…I’m saving my strength when a wall mart is proposed. 

          Oh and …. And a large tract housing complex down the road from YOU works for me.   

          1.  Large tract housing complex, WalMart, whats the difference?

          2.  Whats the difference? ….. ‘choice’.

             I choose to live in a development (for reasons i’m sure you wouldn’t accept) and i choose NOT to shop at a monster superstore.  

        2. They certainly didn’t want a golf course and hiking trails and a 45 acre public park. OT isn’t in Greenwood.

    2. It is more than appropiate considering the proposed library.  With
      electronic media and delivery becoming the rule this building will be
      museum quality if it ever gets built. At least taxpayer money will not
      be wasted on this and I feel that it blends well with tract housing.

      1. Guess I don’t think of Freetown as “tract housing”. Hard to think of Brownsville store that way either. But dream if taxpayer money isn’t going to be wasted on this.

        1.  Freetown is not tract housing but, the size and scope of it will overwhelm the area. Another gas station in the same area on long standing commercial property is nothing in comparison to the size and scope of the tract housing developement. Brownsille market ain’t what it used to be either…

  2.  The approval stinks at all levels anyway, bribery and hand shake deals behind closed doors. This is a monster that is not needed, and all surrounding communities are dead set against it and their appeal was not even considered when some individuals in the county gave the green light. THe usual old-boys elite making the decisions.

    1. Is there any evidence to support what you say or do you just choose to slander things that you do not like? 

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