15 Year Old Dies After Being Hit by Car near Harris Teeter

I don’t know what else to say other than I am so sorry and sad for Yunze Sun’s family.

The Newsplex and WVIR have stories.

The Daily Progress reports that the accident happened around 9:15pm on Friday.

Update: There is a Facebook page dedicated to James Sun.

Update 19 July 2011: from an email from WAHS:

The Counseling Department will provide counseling for any student who would like to receive these services tomorrow (Wednesday, July 20) from 10 A.M. until 4 P.M. at the school. Students should simply come to the school and report to the School Counseling Office.

A Memorial Service to honor James will be held in the WAHS auditorium on Saturday, July 23, at 4 P.M. The family is working on plans for this service, but is most interested in providing an opportunity for friends, classmates, and school staff to offer reflections about James.

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9 Replies to “15 Year Old Dies After Being Hit by Car near Harris Teeter”

  1. I have watched this go on for the past few years: The Domino’s cars go speeding out of Clover Lawn Lane and up Route 250 and the skateboarders have been a fixture in the streets around back of the shops at Clover Lawn and more recently around the bank across from Harris Teeter. This was inevitable, it really was. None of the businesses should allow ANY skateboarding around parking lots and the Domino’s drivers need to drive like THEIR KIDS might be out there goofing in the dark. Deepest sympathy to the boy’s family. I’m pretty sure I have seen Sun skate in the street behind the Clover Lawn businesses and it always made me uncomfortable.

    1. I too am a neighbor and agree with what you’re saying.  There are signs at both entrances to Clover Lawn that state NO Skateboarding.  I even stopped a kid a year ago who was skateboarding behind the businesses and told him how dangerous it was for him to be there with all the traffic and I also reminded him that there were signs posted.  I haven’t seen him since, but I’m pretty sure that I have seen Sun.  Such a tragic accident.  My heart and my prayers go out to his family.

  2. Younger kids often use their skateboard as transportation, much like a bike. If we want to a safe place for our skateboarding kids to practice their skills, then we should make a skate board park a part of the plans in the land dedicated to the county park system in Old Trail.

    1. Will your intentions are good, the young man’s death has nothing to do with a skateboard park.  He could have just as easily been coming from Harris-Teeter area after shopping there.  The issue is the 250 traffic and that there are no safe places to cross nor to walk along that area of the highway.

      1. You’re right, I was just hoping that something positive will come out of this tragic accident. I just get frustrated when people get angry when skateboarders are in business parking lots but the kids have no safer alternatives. What to do?

  3. This is a loss to our community. I am sorry for the 2 faqmilies who were forever changed by this tradgedy. I do not know any details and am not ascribing blame. I wanted to add a 2 observations: I was in that area 10 minutes before the accident and was surprised to notice that roughly 20% of cars had not yet tuned on their headlights. ALso, I noticed today that several of the teens were back at skateboarding down the center of my street without a helmet.  both fmailes will be in my thoughts….

  4. Such a tragedy. Without knowing any more details that what was presented in the newspaper, I can only say this was a very unfortunate accident and I hope that the community doesn’t start pointing fingers. I agree that Crozet needs safe places for kids to skate and bike and play as well as safe pedestrian routes so that they don’t have to compete with vehicles.  I hope something positive can result from this terrible occurance. Both families are in my thoughts.

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