15 Year Old Dies After Being Hit by Car near Harris Teeter

I don’t know what else to say other than I am so sorry and sad for Yunze Sun’s family.

The Newsplex and WVIR have stories.

The Daily Progress reports that the accident happened around 9:15pm on Friday.

Update: There is a Facebook page dedicated to James Sun.

Update 19 July 2011: from an email from WAHS:

The Counseling Department will provide counseling for any student who would like to receive these services tomorrow (Wednesday, July 20) from 10 A.M. until 4 P.M. at the school. Students should simply come to the school and report to the School Counseling Office.

A Memorial Service to honor James will be held in the WAHS auditorium on Saturday, July 23, at 4 P.M. The family is working on plans for this service, but is most interested in providing an opportunity for friends, classmates, and school staff to offer reflections about James.

Harris Teeter – Not So Green? – Note from a Reader

The Crozet Gazette touts the new Harris Teeter as being the “greenest grocery” – but my experience was anything but. We’d been looking forward trying it (rather than driving to Martin’s… ever since Fabulous Foods closed, Starbreeze stopped delivering, and Horse & Buggy adopted the bad pick up time). However, the selection of natural, organic, or even local foods was truly pathetic – and I had to leave there and drive to another store to finish shopping. There were six packages of natural beef hidden on a wall of meats. Six. The fish case was technicolor. Three types of organic crackers on an entire aisle of snacks.

Shouldn’t green also include the products that you sell and their impact on the environment… or does it really end with laying asphalt and hanging signs?

The real icing on the cake was when the grocery bagger took my reusable shopping bags and put them in a plastic bag… and started putting my groceries in plastic bags. He seemed a shocked when I asked him to please unbag my items and use the reusable shopping bags. It’s sad. Crozet Great Valu does a much better job – add some more organic meats and better wine selection and they have my biz.

It’s one thing to be a monument to suburban processed crap… it is another to pretend that you are green.


Is the Harris Teeter in Crozet going to be Open 24 Hours?

That’s all I want to know … My questions for the Harris Teeter media folks:

– Will it be open 24 hours?- How is the progress going with regards to the LEED certification? – Will there be a coffee shop in the Harris Teeter? – When will it be opening?

And their response:

The store is scheduled to in late spring 2009. Please check back with us closer to the opening date (perhaps in March) and we would be happy to share with you more details about the store.