Henley Makes National News

Thanks to its decision to remove A Study in Scarlet from the 6th Grade reading list.

A sampling of the national attention:
The LA Times

– The Toronto Star points out that the issue may have been less about the content of the book and more that the curriculum wasn’t addressing the context:

What clinched it for Koleszar was that teachers “weren’t dealing with these issues. Sixth graders might not have an understanding that it has a bias.”

I said my piece on Twitter.

“Sad to see Albemarle County choose ignorance rather than teaching. http://t.co/oBZE7Ym Give students credit rather than talk down to them.”

1 – Did the system work? The County listened, formed a committee, and then decided.
2 – One person is powerful, and that is a bit comforting but it’s equally, if not more distressing that one person can affect the educations of so many.

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