The Lodge, Walking to School, Jarman’s Gap and More – CCAC 18 August 2011

Like it or not, the CCAC is full of people who are interested in guiding the current and future Crozet. Be informed and involved.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – more Crozetians under the age of 40 need to get involved in these meetings.

(Bolding mine:)

1. Agenda Review. (Meg Holden – CCAC Chair)
2. Approval of Minutes from June 16, 2011 meeting.
3. Public Comment.

4. Announcements.
5. Introduction to Lodge at Old Trail project, (David Hilliard)
6. Discussion about children walking and biking to area schools. (Josh Davis and some area school principals )
7. Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Runway extension project update. (Bill Schrader)
8. Jarman’s Gap Road VDOT SWM pond at Old Trail Drive.
(Bev Thierwechter & Jim Rotherham) (Letter attached to agenda addendum)
9. Sub-committees, ombudsman and supporting members of each. (Meet the CCAC
handout; Meg Holden).

10. Project Updates/Information:

* Recap of Crozet Independence Day celebration: dance – (Mike Marshall)
* Crozet Square/CSX Parking log update (Ann Mallek)
* Jarman’s Gap Road Closing August 22.
* Re-Store’N Station,
* Library parking lot construction, (Tim Tolson)
* StreetScape II and SWM project,
* County Department of Community roundtable discussions on proposed zoning changes.

11. Items not listed on the agenda.

12. Future agenda items (CCAC)
a. Outreach to other county advisory councils.
b. Other items?

Crozet Community Advisory Council agenda – 18 August 2011

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