Jarman’s Gap Road Closing Delayed. Again

Perhaps VDOT would be better to set expectations at “closing soon” rather than trying to hit specific dates. Heck, aim for “Third or Fourth Quarter 2011”.

– First it was “June through August of 2011

– Then it was “August 15

– Then it was “August 22

Today (16 August 2011) it’s “August 29”

– Update 8/24/2011: Now it’s “September 12 to November 12”

I’ve emailed VDOT asking why and will post when I hear back.

That was fast. Thank you, Stacy Londrey at VDOT:*

Yes, the closure date has changed again.  The contractor, GEI, is relocating two water mains in preparation for the new box culvert, and the work is taking longer than expected.  

Their current schedule calls for the precast concrete box culvert to be delivered just after Labor Day.  Between August 29 and that date, they will be digging and preparing the site for installation.  We do not have a firm completion date, but the 45-60 day window is still a good estimate.  We are aware of the Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival on October 8-9 and hope to accommodate traffic that weekend, if at all possible.

Jarman's Gap Road closing 29 August

* link to Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival added by me.

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5 Replies to “Jarman’s Gap Road Closing Delayed. Again”

  1. I just wish they would fix the sign to say Blue Ridge AVE and HADEN Lane. It’s not actually going to be closed from Blue Ridge “Road” to “Orchard Road” (better known as Orchard Drive)… if that were true there would be no access to Haden Lane at all.

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