The Moving Jarman’s Gap Timeline

I’m thinking I should look for a widget to put in the sidebar of RealCrozetVA to track the Jarman’s Gap timelines.

– First it was “June through August of 2011

– Then it was “August 15

– Then it was “August 22

Today (16 August 2011) it’s “August 29”

As of 8/24/2011: Now it’s “September 12 to November 12”

And VDOT told me that there’s likely to be another delay due to Hurricane Irene’s arrival.

At some point, the sign needs to read:

“You’ll know when the road’s closed when it’s closed. When it’s open, it’ll be open.”


From Stacy Londrey at VDOT (who has been very quick to respond to my emails):

The closure has indeed been moved to September 12. We are experiencing continuing water-line troubles while attempting to relocate utilities before the closure, which accounts for the many delays. A positive out of this most recent delay is it provides recovery time after Hurricane Irene, if she shows herself this far inland.

Also from Stacy:

Our project inspector has heard from several residents of Haden Lane that they are concerned about access. Jarmans Gap Road will be closed just east of their road, meaning that they will only be able to make left turns off their street—but they will have full mobility without driving through a work zone. This will allow them access to the official detour route (down Old Trail Drive) and other points west.

The attached map may provide a good visual for the location of the closure.

PDF drawing showing the Jarman’s Gap box culvert closure

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2 Replies to “The Moving Jarman’s Gap Timeline”

  1. I hope it doesn’t put a crimp in the October 15th Crozet Trails Day town-wide Pedestrian Challenge – community memebers are encouraged to walk and bike to local businesses, schools, and other locations. There will be prizes involved. I hope VDOT works with us.

  2. At this rate we won’t have to worry about having it open in time for the Arts & Crafts Festival… they won’t have closed it yet!

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