29 Replies to “Five Questions for … Crozet Representatives”

  1. Will they support lowering or property tax millage rate once property values rebound (just like they were in favor of raising the rate when property values sunk)?

    1. To high pitch out: they did NOT raise the tax rate when the property values dropped (as they DID lower the rate when the “values” soared in the subprime bubble years) and we have seen significant budget cuts to our schools etc -with more of that to come. So you are posting misinformation!

    1. To dankuwal.  Why do you say she is “invisible?”  Can you substantiate your statement with facts, not anecdotal comments?  Please no more misinformation.

      1. I would not call her invisible. She tends to insert herself in the
        news as much as she can. She has managed, in her first term, to
        become Chairman of the BOS.  She also does not represent only
        Crozet. She represents the Whitehall District.

          1. You are right, my mistake.  Now that I have thought about it some of the most effective people are invisible. They are the silent majority.

          2. clearly you are not part of that group, not silent, not the majority, not effective. So I’d rather have Ann.

          3. Why the personal attack on Ed?  Not conducive to a proper discussion.  Please rethink how you communicate with others.

          4. Seriously? Have you been hanging around here much? Please rethink how you think about Ed.

          5. Takes more than one side to have a discussion. Rethink how you think? I will have to add that to my catchey phrase list..

          6. And you are so good at discussions that are fair-minded and not condescending.

            Dot dot dot.

            The pride of Greenwood.

          7. BG–you must be related to Mom2. So defensive.  But you’ve done a great job of deflecting the real issue.  

  2. Maybe one question along these lines:

    Do they support nonpartisan redistricting, e.g. ending gerrymandering?

  3.  Ann talks about getting involved in the local community by becoming active in local service organizations. As a new person to Crozet, what is the best way to find what these are and join?

  4. 16 comments, 6 of which are about Ed. Seriously?

    Let me restate the question: 

    If you could ask each of (our representatives) a question or three, what would they be?

    1. Ok, When we vote for a Supervisor we vote for a person, not a person to appoint a person to create an agenda. Why do you support unelected boards?   Six comments about me? Considering they are anonymous…

  5. Question::: When are you going to get some gonads and get more funding into the schools so classes won’t have 30 kids a glass? WAHS is crazy huge and Henley is FAR too packed with too many students and not enough teachers.  

      1. absolutely, the alternative is being elected and do nothing, being lazy and not interested in interacting with those who you are supposed to “represent”. Mouly’s performance so far has been flat out zero, nilch. That is insulting to the voters.

        1. I do not go by what they say but by what they actually do. Putting yourself out there and saying what people want to hear might be the new politics but it means nothing to me. But, if you choose to become an elected leader of a community you should be able to lead…

          1. That disqualifies then Barabara Massy Mouly as a school board member. She has not done much.

          2. I bet she talks nice.  And with some of these people doing nothing is actually
            a plus…

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