Thanks! (Regarding Jarman’s Gap) from Ann Mallek

From Ann Mallek:

Thank you to everyone at VDOT involved in expediting the closure portion of the Jarman’s Gap Road construction. I drove on it three times on the second day. While the finishing touches are yet to be done, the road will quickly prove to be the asset needed since the neighborhood approvals began, using the roadway as a basis, in the 1980’s. Residents of Bargamin Place, Wayland’s Grant, Grayrock, Old Trail and the neighbors to the west will again feel connected to downtown. The sidewalks and bikelanes will fulfill that promise of a “quick stroller push or bike ride” from the center.
The neighbors along the right of way have made huge sacrifices of property, shade trees, and peace and quiet for the betterment of their community. Thanks to you all as well. Have a safe Thanksgiving and I look forward to more progress with the Streetscape in the New Year.

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9 Replies to “Thanks! (Regarding Jarman’s Gap) from Ann Mallek”

  1. It will be interesting, for those of us who envision it becoming Jarman’s Racetrack, to see what steps other than an 25 mph speed limit will be in place to keep traffic from flying. Are any stop signs planned along the way?

    1. And there are those of us who remember when Jarman’s Gap was an unmarked road with a 55mph speed limit.  I, for one, miss that.

    2. I don’t mind the speed but you should realize that when speed traps are set up the residents of the road are more often caught than the people who are just passing through… On the other hand, seems that the people from the new housing tracts find stop signs ugly and ignore them. Maybe some flowers and shrubs?

      1. Really? And you know how?

        You live in Greenwood. Please tell me how you empirically come up with this result.

        1. Because I see it.  Now it is your turn. Where do I live in
          Greenwood? Since you choose to be anonymous you
          can just say anything. Say something that you actually know…

          1. What is “my” info?  “Seeing it” is a proper
            response to an anonymous person who
            happens to be able to bang a few words  on a keyboard. You do not have a clue as to where I live. Why pretend that you do?

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