Fiber Along Mint Springs Road?

A question from a reader:

“Good morning, Jim.  I am curious if you or any or your readers might have information about who has been running fiber-optic cable along Mint Springs Road over the past week.  I live in Emerald Ridge, above Mint Springs, and can see where the cable extends to the entrance of my neighborhood.  I would love to replace my spotty DSL connection with fiber service.  Keeping my fingers crossed.”

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4 Replies to “Fiber Along Mint Springs Road?”

  1. It’s for Embarq but it going to the cell tower that is owned by Verizon – they had to go through Embarq because they have the right of way.

    1. Sounds like a 4G upgrade to the Cell Tower. 4G goes to ground, it is not
      entirely wireless. 4G and the data plans are also where the money is for cell phone companies. Verizon has already updated it’s Greenwood/ Afton towers.

  2. I have it from a reliable source that there is a a Fiber Access Initiative
    (Fiber to the Cell Site) happening in the area. This is building fiber to
    Verizon for the mobile phones and 4G

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