What is Steve Landes up to?

Are you watching what our legislator is doing in the General Assembly? You should be and it’s easy to do on Richmond Sunlight. While you’re at it, have a look at how he gets his money … and from whom, and from where.

Update: From Delegate Landes’ newsletter:

“Delegate Steve Landes’ Newsletter: Week of January 13, 2011
Dear Friends,
We are back in Richmond in full swing! The 2012 Session officially opened on Wednesday, January 11 and we are already busy as ever.
I was reappointed by Speaker William J. Howell, R-Stafford, to serve on the House Appropriations, Education, Rules, and Privileges and Elections Committees. I am looking forward to continuing to serve on these committees.
I have also submitted several pieces of legislation for this session and I am looking forward to working hard to see that they are passed. Some of the legislation that I have submitted are outlined below.
2012 Legislation
House Bill 766 creates the Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund, which establishes an economic development grant program targeted specifically at agricultural and forestry operations. Grants will be awarded to support localities’ efforts to attract value-added or processing facilities using Virginia-grown products. Under the program, localities will apply for grants after having established a relationship with a new or expanding business.
House Bill 767 provides updates to the Small Business Jobs Grant Fund, which was created in 2010 through House Bill 943. HB 767 requires a small business to be organized under Virginia law or maintain a principal place of business in Virginia in order to qualify for a grant under the Small Business Jobs Grant Fund. It also requires that a new full-time position must employ a Virginia resident in order to qualify for the grant. The bill also includes provisions that prohibit receiving more than one grant for the same position, require the employee to be employed in the new full-time position for at least 90 days prior to the award of the grant, and require the small business to submit a taxpayer identification number and certification Form W-9 with each grant application.
House Bill 768 codifies the Virginia Jobs Investment Program administered by the Department of Business Assistance and changes the name to the Virginia Jobs Investment Plan, which is comprised of the Virginia New Jobs Program, the Workforce Retraining Program, and the Small Business New Jobs Program. The bill establishes general eligibility requirements for obtaining assistance under the Plan and requirements for the component programs under the Plan.
House Bill 776 creates the Federal Oversight Commission, consisting of seven legislative members representing the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate. The Commission will meet twice a year with the United States Senate members of the Virginia Congressional Delegation and to communicate with Virginia’s members of the United States House of Representatives. The purpose of the Commission will be to address public policy issues for which both federal and state policy makers have responsibility.
House Joint Resolution 108 directs the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) to conduct a two-year study on the cost efficiency of the Commonwealth’s institutions of higher education and to identify opportunities to reduce the cost of public higher education in Virginia.
House Joint Resolution 109 memorializes Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to impose a balanced budget requirement. This resolution relates to Delegate Landes’ work as Co-Chairman of the Virginia Chapter of Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment.
Contact and Visit Us!
As always, my legislative aide, Judy Wyatt, and I are here to serve you. Please use the contact information below to reach us in the Richmond Office by phone, fax or email. Our Richmond Fax number is 804.698.6725. Our Richmond Address is Post Office Box 406, Richmond, Virginia 23218.
If you are in Richmond, be sure to stop by and visit! I am located in Room 515 of the General Assembly Building, located on the corner of 9th and Broad Streets.
Steve Landes”

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10 Replies to “What is Steve Landes up to?”

  1. Up to no good. What can you expect from a servant of a notorious dictatorial “one-party-rules-the state from now on” party anyway?  The bills hold off by the State Senate thus far (thanks to the few in Richmond with brains in their head) are so ridiculous, there are no words to describe…

  2. Can someone who went to the open house answer these questions or maybe Del Landes could answer them himself.

    What is his stance on uranium mining in Virginia?

    What is he doing to help find funding  for the Crozet Library?

    Does he think Amazon.com should collect taxes on sales in Virginia?

    Where is his office and why does our “local” representative live so far away?  This map shows the district-www.stevelandes.com/voting2.html or http://www.richmondsunlight.com/images/districts/165.jpg

    Why doesn’t he drive an American made car?

    What does he feel about off-shore oil and wind development?

    1. Delegate Landes has a website with information on how to contact him.
      Google can be your friend. Crozet is but a small part of Western Albemarle and even a smaller part of his district. All your above questions deserve an answer except one:  most localities that want a new library tend to fund them themselves.  It is not done at the state level.  He could guide the BOS in creating the Crozet special taxation district which could raise the taxes in the district to pay for what the
      residents actually want. The Crozet Park pool project is an excellent example on how to get things done…

        1. Well, he has another newsletter out.  Hit my inbox today. If you are really interested in answers I would give him a call.

        2. Wont get a response, he doesn’t answer constituents questions.  You can
          call, email, mail, or even stop by his office but you still wont get a
          straight answer.

          I don’t get responses when I submit an email.  I get a letter thanking
          me for contacting him but no response when I write a letter.  And, when I
          call I get an angry “where do you live” and a “we’ll get back to you”
          when I call.  I’ve never gotten a response and I’d be shocked if anyone
          ever does.

          He only sends out his newsletter and “constituent survey” to improve his
          name recognition and to make people think he cares.  Actually I’d be
          curious to know if his re-election campaign pays for those or if we, the
          taxpayers, are stuck footing the bill.

          1. I got an email saying they didn’t see any questions for him in this here post. So I emailed the questions directly. 

            And haven’t gotten a response … that was 7 days ago.

          2. So Delegate Landes is a liar:

            “Contact and Visit Us!


            As always, my legislative aide, Judy Wyatt, and I are here to serve you.
            Please use the contact information below to reach us in the Richmond
            Office by phone, fax or email. Our Richmond Fax number is 804.698.6725.
            Our Richmond Address is Post Office Box 406, Richmond, Virginia 23218.




            Steve Landes”

            Of course the email you posted would try to have us beleive he is responsive to his constituents.  I’ve never gotten a response from the guy, for any question, ever.

  3. You can’t get anything out of our Legislator.  He’s so far removed from Western Albemarle he probably needs a map to get to Crozet.  It´s a shame they didn’t move us to a more representative district.

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