Who Wants to do a Parade on Wednesday?

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We could still do the parade on Wednesday???
Everyone will need some FUN at that point!

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5 Replies to “Who Wants to do a Parade on Wednesday?”

  1. Having a parade requires getting a permit and there is not enough time to secure a permit at this time from the appropriate people. Better check before you plan a parade down a busy highway. The permit has to be issued by law enforcement and the Fire Department usually gets the permit and they are still a bit busy and very tired!!!

  2. You also have to pay the police department to staff the event and close the roads. Looked into this a fair amount a couple years ago (the last time there wasn’t a CVFD sponsored Fourth of July parade). Lesson learned: THANK GOODNESS the CVFD hosts it each year! Sorry they had to work so hard this week instead. Grateful to have them supporting our community in so many ways.

    1. Thanks @80d3793bc0e6d94dedccd52758d90801:disqus ! I do think that having a parade/celebration would be a nice thing/gesture, but also with the logistics involved, think that everyone needed to make it happen might be better served to continue doing what they’re doing to help the community and their families … or better yet, take a nap. 🙂

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