Signs, Politics, Pictures and Crozet

Be careful – I’m going to talk about national politics here for a second. If you don’t like such topics, read about some of the upcoming Crozet events.

I received this email this morning:

I was enjoying the pictures of Crozet on your RealCrozet blog but was disappointed to see the picture of the O’Bama (sic) sign included. Why no Romney signs, there are more of them by my account. If you are going to start with the political stuff I won’t be visiting your site again, or a least be impartial.

My response:

Those are pulled automatically from the flickr feed. If you want Romney signs to be portrayed, feel free to take a photo, upload it to flickr and tag it with “Crozet” … then it will display on the slideshow on RealCrozetVA.

Thanks for reading and letting me know your concerns.

If you want photos to show up in the RealCrozetVA slideshow, follow this step-by-step tutorial:

1 – Take a picture in Crozet

2 – Upload it to flickr.

3 – Tag the photo with “crozet

4 – Be happy that you’ve contributed to the ongoing imagery of Crozet on RealCrozetVA.

The previous week I received an email from someone else imploring me to:

Please, please keep the politics off your blog page.

Since the only politics I’d talked about that week were the Crozet Library, Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting, the Crozet pool dome, Crozet Pizza’s expansion … I was baffled. The writer didn’t respond when I asked which blog and which page – were they referring to RealCrozetVA? RealCentralVA? My twitter feed? Facebook page? Now I guess I’ve put two and two together.

To the point of respecting others’ opinions and expressions: I’ve been watching what Allie and her family have been going through – someone has been trespassing on their property and vandalizing their Obama signs and replacing them with a Romney sign. This makes me sad and angry. Seriously? (note also that I’ve noticed that the Romney sign in front of the Bel Air neighborhood has been spray painted, too) What’s so hard about respecting other people’s property?

My two cents:

We all have our own opinions. Please respect each other and each others’ points of view. For God’s sakes, what does trespassing and vandalizing accomplish?

If you don’t want to read RealCrozetVA because I have automatically-generated pictures showing political signs, don’t read RealCrozetVA. This here is a little community blog about and for the Crozet community.

You know what? Be nice. It’s not that hard for most.

What percent are you?

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5 Replies to “Signs, Politics, Pictures and Crozet”

  1. In the first email you posted the writer spelled the president’s name, O’bama. I didn’t know he was Irish!

  2. I have never understood sign vandalism. We have such a beautiful area, I’m delighted when voting is over and the signs can disappear. Unfortunately, there are those people who make things worse by disfiguring the signs or taking them. Those signs are not cheap!!! When I ran for school board against the (now) current Crozet school board member, 90% of my signs were pulled up from lawns (where they were permitted) nights before the election. We were told who did this and the ironic thing is that they were so supportive of the other candidate they had no idea that my support of Albemarle County Schools was closer to their views.

  3. I do think that political signs should not be placed on public property, such as those at the 240/250 intersection. For a while the county was coming by and removing the yard sale, real estate and other signs placed there, but they have not done so for the political signs littering that spot for the past month. And I agree: don’t vandalized or remove signs from private property.

      1. They are really no more of a litter problem than the signs draped over a fence across from WAHS. Let’s just agree to lump
        them all together as trash and ignore them… But, our ability to have a robust election process makes the political signs a lot
        easier to live with.

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