Where Will the Crozet Farmer’s Market be in 2013?

via email:

I thought I might reach out and see if anything has been done or could be done about 2013. The market will not be able to be in it’s present location because of a large improvement that is to occur during 2013. I am suggesting moving the market to Crozet Baptist over on St. George ave. … The site is especially pleasing because there are two parking lots on either side of the street. One side could be for the market and one side for parking. Let’s keep our small market going as the community expands. Thank you.

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5 Replies to “Where Will the Crozet Farmer’s Market be in 2013?”

  1. New Library/Tabor Church – it’s centrally located, across the street from the current location, close to businesses in town. Parking might be a bit tight though, dunno how big the library’s new lot will be.

  2. Doug Forrester here, Pastor of Crozet United Methodist Church. The Farmer’s Market will indeed be at Tabor Presbyterian in 2013 while we improve our parking lot. However, we will be able to welcome the market back the following year with space that will be larger, offer more parking, and most importantly, will be much safer for everyone.

  3. What about the parking lot at Crozet Great Valu? The booths could be set up along the street side and not interfere with the traffic flow. The store merchants might like the extra customer traffic that the market would generate. Plenty of parking there.

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