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  1. Gee, I kind of thought we were doing O.K. as special and unique way before the influx of refugees from failed Northern communities and states decended upon us and wrecked our small Southern hometown. Tractors and farming are now giving way to wide lane roads and bike lanes??? Y’all may think of these changes as “downsizing” from what you did “back home” but to us they are “wrongsizing” for those who enjoyed a way of life that you refuse to embrace.Try to understand the fabric of a small souhern town before changing it, You’re children will be better off as a result.

    1. I was riding with someone who had to drop something off in one of the
      new plastic communities, All the living pods looked the same, even the
      color of them. The wreaths on the doors looked the same as well. The
      people that are attracted to this type of living?, are the same ones that
      attract national chains like Pizza Hut that can supply the cheap sameness that the masses survive on. I wondered that when the residents came home at night, how did they know what unit to go to?
      Or, do you just find an unlocked door and use that one since they are all the same? Moral of the story: If you stop building the things that
      attract national chains they will not come. I expect that the predators
      that thrive off these communities are not far behind either…

  2. With regard to Mr. Strauss, the fact is he doesn’t even live in Crozet and as anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows has never had anything positive to say about our community, so you can just ignore his comments. As for Noodnick, at least the name fits the post.
    As to the issue Jim posted, it is important that those who are new to the area make themselves aware of the Crozet Master Plan and its implications. The community has fought hard to keep the center of business and social activity the our down town area and keep Route 250 from becoming another Route 29. This is the reason the commercial center for Old Trail is where it is. Recently there was a court ruling on the Restore N station that will keep the size of the development to be within the size and scale of the current corridor. The fact is I rather see the development in Crozet where it’s supposed to go then to have it sprawl out over the countryside. Crozet was and still is a very nice small town in the country. More importantly if it is to continue to be a small town in the country it will take the efforts of all our residents, both old and new to keep it that way.

    1. Crozet is not a town. And is it up to you who is included in “our” community? You seem to be missing alot of people. The Pizza Hut
      will not be in Crozet but, up on route 250 outside of Crozet. The Restore N Station will not be in Crozet either. The size and scope of Old Trail is the problem, not a gas station. Since there are not any elected officials in Crozet we are both on an equal footing. I see alot of opinion
      from you. Trying to control an area is a hard thing to do. Facts tend to get in the way…

  3. Right you are CrozetResident! Strauss is nothing more than a lonely provocateur that lacks any sense of belonging to a community and has probably never been part of building anything–just a criticizer. And, Noodnick is going the way of the dinosaur because he can’t adapt to change. Change is coming Noodnick–best to be part of it. To bad for them for lacking the ability to see what the community is doing to control growth and to grow in the right direction.

    1. You do not know who I am. You just want your way. When you disrupt
      a long standing community do you really think that what you think is all that matters??

      1. Ed, I know, we know who you are. You are the nay sayer, you are the glass is half empty guy, you are the guy who does not create anything, you are the guy no one goes to when they want something done. Yes, we know who you are!

        1. You do not have a clue. Why do you use the word “we”? If
          you actually know what you are talking about come by my house and you then could claim factual knowledge. Back to the point do you really think that the people and type of development that is going on here is NOT attracting national chains like Pizza hut. The very fact they are coming here confirms it. i realize it is far easier to make fun of me from behind a keyboard than to actually know what you are talking about. Could it be that you feel some guilt in being part of the problem?

          1. ES, you’re not even worth replying to. I’ll do like most others do with your inane comments and that’s to just ignore them. Have fun in your parallel universe.

    2. Dinosaur…? Hmm. I live in a outlying area of farms and vineyards with an unobstructed view of the Blue Ridge and all God’s creation. I can walk to the local Mom & Pop where I am welcomed and teased by my friends who take breaks there. I can pick fresh vegetables from our garden and feel the fresh tilled dirt between my toes. I can walk to my back fence and share and apple with a horse or grass clipping with some cows. Yes I am a dinosaur I suppose. You on the other hand could only wish to be if only your mind were not closed to what this great area has to offer allready. So sad.

    1. Jim–You’re losing a lot of great community participation because of ES. People are not wanting to post their productive comments on this site because they know that ES will more than likely counter with one of his insulting posts. We’ve pretty much had it with ES and I’m only calling BS to his posts.

      1. Have you ever had to justify what you say or are you willing to say anything to get your way? Fact is that the demographics must
        be right or Pizza Hut would not be coming. If you could reply to
        that you might be able to engage in a conversation. In Community
        all voices are heard. Not just the ones you want to hear…

      2. My son, if you don’t want a response or a different point of view, Why post on a website forum?? Are you that Naïve? I have followed this site for a few years and it is evident that Strauss likes to argue, but some of his points do have legs to stand on, maybe just not presented in the right way. I agree that the developments being built will bring national chains, take a look at the Forrest lakes area. The Downtown area of Crozet needs a lot more than a paint job to revive it. The area is going to triple in size in less then 10 years and you don’t think national chains aren’t making note of it? Crozet is still missing a lot of things, in my mind a few national chains would be ok. When I truly go shopping on the weekends, most of it aint in Crozet…..and I have lived here for 33 years and it has always been that way, so don’t give me that ol mom and pop store junk, they have had there time and opportunity…just some food for thought…..Good Site Jim, keep up the good work…..O, And that So Called Crozet Flag, is the biggest BS I have ever seen. In the Crozet welcome guide and I quote “The Crest does not explain itself, You’re either in the know or not.” Soooo you want this to represent Crozet, yet you won’t explain it?? And That Attitude does reflect a lot of these so called community leaders, who put on these meeting……..its passed time for Crozet to have a mayor. Perkins, Wyant and Mallek all are from Whitehall. Heck first we better put somebody from Crozet on the Board of Supervisors. Kinda ironic in a way that all this growth has gone on and nobody from Crozet has been on the board in 20+ years…hmm and didn’t perkins son help develop Western Ridge, ahh that’s for another day

        1. I believe Walter Perkins lived on St. George Ave here in Crozet and not Whitehall. As to development in Crozet, that can be directly tied to the fact Crozet has sewer and water. Both Earlysville and North Garden were removed as growth areas because they lacked both. I remember Walter Perkins, then supervisor, in responding to the new developments being proposed in Crozet in the late 1980’s said, “Crozet use to be the best kept secret in Albemarle and now the secret’s out”. Obviously he was right.

          It’s unfair to take shots at new residents, when the fact is the decisions that sealed the future of Crozet with regard to development were made decades ago.

        2. Well Pops, it has nothing to do with an opposing view. I’m all for opposing views. Being a retired GI and retired from a Fortune 500 company, I know all about how to get things done and the value of everyone’s inputs to the process. I’ve taught courses on the subject. What I don’t like is ES’s attitude that wastes everyone’s time and is non-productive. Oh, by the way….I gave up being naive after my first week at the Academy.

          1. So, you would let self appointed people run your company or
            command your unit? All this has nothing to do with the topic.
            How much time have you already wasted? Do you really
            believe that demographics have nothing to do with how
            business looks at expanding into new areas? Do you really
            believe that ranting about a person will help you get your way? If so continue…

  4. We have a number of national chains, or at least regional chains in Crozet: Dollar General, Harris Teeter, Subway, BP/DQ, IGA, just to think off the top of my head. I don’t believe DG and HT are locally owned, but Subway, BP/DQ, and IGA are.

    The general problem with national chains is their inability to fit into the character of the towns/cities they move into. They’d prefer that the locality fit their character. I think most people in Albemarle county are glad we don’t allow Sheetz’s terrible lighting and architecture. On the contrary, it always disappoints me when places like Outback and Olive Garden are packed while in reality their food isn’t that good, their prices aren’t too much better, and there are so many great local choices.

    However, you’ve highlighted an excellent article from the Atlantic Cities (one of my favorite publications, along with the Atlantic) that not a single commenter has referenced – that’s what I find disappointing and sad. I’m going to guess that not very many of your readers have been to NYC to see the Nets play since the Barclays center opened and the team moved from New Jersey, but they should. The food is excellent and its local. I’d also wager that many of the commenters have been to the JPJ or Scott Stadium where the food isn’t local, and it sucks (I don’t go too frequently so this is my impression from limited attendance). It doesn’t suck because it isn’t local, it sucks because they don’t cater to the local food desires and only offer “stadium food” unless you’re in a box seat. Who wouldn’t want a Bodo’s, Riverside, Littlejohn’s, Big Jim’s, Arch’s, or Stick’s location at the stadium? Of course, Chipotle, Mellow Mushroom, Jimmy John’s, and Ben & Jerry’s might be great too.

    My biggest concern is that I don’t want to see anymore development along 250 or at the 64 interchange. Those are too important transportation routes to be congested by developments like 29 has become. I appreciate being able to exit in Crozet and get where I’m going without the too many problems (Save the AM and PM rush at the schools).

    I’d like to see Barne’s Lumber Yard and the rest of the area inside the 810/250/240 triangle developed before more areas outside of that are developed. I also like to see some of the industrial and manufacturing return to Crozet (Morton’s, Acme, Barnes, Peach/Apple processing). And the developers need to pay for the infrastructure improvements such as the connecting roads, water, sewer, parks, schools, (library is funded!) etc. It also would be nice to have an improved squad house – one that isn’t right on a 4 way intersection and stop light slowing down the volunteers at every call.

    And in regards to ES. The problem lies in his inability to use constructive criticism as opposed to his criticism, complaining, and constant negativity. He doesn’t contribute to the discussion. Jim, I think we’ve had this discussion before. It’s your blog, you can do what you want, but I’d strongly recommend you have a face to face conversion with him. If it’s not something he wouldn’t say in public he shouldn’t say it hiding behind his keyboard. For clarity, I’m not saying everyone should know who he is or he should be outed, but I don’t believe many of the comments he says he’d say to one’s face because, well frankly, they’re lacking. Contribute, don’t contradict.

    1. I do not hide and there is nothing said here I would not say to your face.
      I do use my REAl name and what you do is typical. If you do not like the message you just go after the messenger. Nothing new going on here. I think that if you grew up here you would already of known who I am. Contribute, you want me to contribute to remaking of what used to be a great community? By who, The self appointed few? If your happy be happy. If you think I’m hiding come on over…

  5. Turn the clock back 20+years, when the Crozet plan was just a idea. The first wave of new residents were squaring off with the long term locals over growth.

    There were those who wanted new retail and to do this manufacturing had to go. Why? Well they were to upscale to staff any retail and THIER children were college bound. This left the task up to the locals and their hick children except the hick children had chores to do around the family farm after work and many of the farmers worked at acme, con-agra the Southrn States store to supplement income. So the idea of building low income housing and bussing in the derilict overflow from the projects to fill the bill was floated by the newcomers. This was a non-starter.

    Re-enter 10 years later. Regulation and a board of supervisors who are anti-manufacturing has brought the end to a thriving way of life and the carpetbagger developers swoop in to do a land grab from stuggling farmers.

    Many of those who moved to Crozet to get away from the troubles of overcrowded suberbs are now voicing dismay at the proposed changes to the master plan allowing a massive buildout where others are screaming for infrastructure which cannot be paid for.

    Crozet no longer has the same feel and is it really so bad that many of us lament the loss of innocence and the fact that we only could wish others would take a good hard look at what was once Crozet and want to preserve what is left of the small town feel?
    There will be those who will bo their “Alinsky” best to polarize and ridicule me for this post but there is nothing to argue the points I have made.

  6. National chains are found in abundance along the ugly strip malls in Charlottesville and Waynesboro. We call that “Anywhere, USA”. No thanks.

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