How do You Describe your Neighborhood in Crozet?

What’s this neighborhood like?” is one of the most common questions my incoming buyer clients ask as I show them around Crozet. I know all of the neighborhoods, but I live in one … so I’m asking for your help.

How would you describe your neighborhood to someone trying to figure out where to live? What do you like? Dislike? What’s cool about your neighborhood?

This question is the prompt for this story:

We are thinking about moving to Crozet. Any thoughts on living walking distance to Crozet park vs. living in Western Ridge? We haven’t decided on a preschool yet but would love to be able to walk to preschool and parks and coffee shops. We also want preschool aged friends and stay at home moms nearby to play with. Thanks for any thoughts!

In 2011 when I asked, Grayrock, Highlands and Highlands at Mechums River were described; I’m hoping for more this year …

And then this comment was posted on Facebook last week:

You might consider checking into the extremely kid-friendly (full of preschool age kiddos) neighborhoods off of Jarmans Gap Rd. (Bargamin Park, Waylands Grant, Grayrock, Old Trail) With our wonderful new sidewalk, you can easily walk into town for coffee, preschool, many dining options, and the new library scheduled to open this summer!

So I thought I’d again ask for input.

But, in 2011, we didn’t have the community presence on Facebook that we do now.

* Note: I’m a real estate agent, and I’m asking because I want to better help advise my clients, but I’m also really curious what folks think of their neighborhoods.

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28 Replies to “How do You Describe your Neighborhood in Crozet?”

  1. Our family loves Western Ridge. It has everything we wanted when we moved out here: tons of kids playing outside, hiking (we have trails), swimming, biking, lots of stay at home moms (I only mention that b/c of the above article). What we love best, though, is the community spirit of Western Ridge, and the willingness of neighbors to do anything for each other. It truly is a special place to live.

  2. don’t forget the old in town neighborhoods of st. george ave and crozet ave. we can walk to crozet elementary, the dry cleaners, pizza, the library, the new library, three churches, two coffee shops, a preschool etc… and now we can bike to old trail, waylands grant and grayrock !

  3. Not to disparage Western Ridge, but it just ain’t walkable. Tell your clients to prep for lots of short duration drives. Jarman’s Gap improvements have really opened up OT, Bargaminnie, Gray Rocks, the Orchard up to Downtown Crozet. We love walking, riding bikes to downtown and if the Ed Strauss Memorial Downtown Streetscape Rehabilitation and Downtown Mall (West) Project come to fruition, it’s only gonna make more sense NOT to be in Fox Chase or Western Ridge (East) or the Highlands, or Wickham Pond or any other completely plastic village that ahem … has ruined all of Crozet for eternity.

    1. Where is downtown? If you would judge by business count it is not where you think. What impact the semi historic district will have remains
      to be seen. The future does look bright. Growth will have to be capped.
      And the “center of it all” will take over.

    2. It’s just too easy, Jim! Like a chicken neck on a trot line, it always catches something. I swear if Jesus Christ made his second coming in Crozet, Edward Strauss of Greenwood would be upset about it.

      Double Bam!

      1. How would you know? Do you actually want to discuss it?
        I was going to let it go before realizing how important it was for you to act out… And, Jesus was in Crozet last week. He did not look very happy and I don’t live in Greenwood, Can’t you express
        your opinion with making light of someone else? Or, do you just
        enjoy writing 3 letter words like “Bam”?

        1. You already have when you allow people to make fun of other people’s opinion to advance their own. At least I post
          using my name…

          1. Using your name, while laudable, isn’t sufficient to allow going completely off-topic. The title of this post is “how do you describe your neighborhood in Crozet?”

            Please, ask yourself, “am I contributing something that is relevant to this post and conversation?” before posting.

          2. Off topic, yes, you are correct. But is using my name in a negative way considered on-topic? To be on topic: In my opinion, over the years Laurel Hills has been the perfect example of a nice, quiet, traditional neighborhood with trees,
            well laid out roads, and a good mixture of houses and people.

  4. the improvements to Jarman Gap have made quite a difference. I’m surprised how many people use the sidewalks and bike lanes on a road that just a few years ago was very dangerous to anything other then cars. Next are the new sidewalks down to the elementary school and downtown. As for western ridge and points east, don’t give up on sidewalks. We just have to continue to push for improvements. I just hope people remember they live in Crozet, not a sub division.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly.

      The new connectivity permitted by the sidewalks and bike lanes is remarkable. I’ve talked to many people from those neighborhoods along Jarman’s Gap who now are able to walk their kids to the Library (the new one will be even more of a draw), Fardowners, Crozet Park … it’s been a significant improvement.

      I’m sure the folks in Laurel Hills and beyond are looking forward to their sidewalks!

  5. From an emailer”

    “While Foothill Crossing is still in development (read: bull dozers and construction workers in action a stone’s throw away — which can be fun for little tykes to watch), our single completed street is already very much a tightly knit community. The friendly folks who live on Raven Stone Rd look out for each other. It’s a great blend of young families, families with school aged kids, and some young retirees. The neighborhood is full of fun kids ranging in age from babies and toddlers on up through high school. We have block parties, pick up kick ball games, and a book club. Location wise, we enjoy the benefit of being right next to wonderful Western Ridge, which is full of fantastic families and walking trails.”

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Foothill Crossing is a fabulous new neighborhood, full of families of all ages and stages! Come on over and join the fun!!

  6. Another email commenter offers:

    “I live in Western Ridge and love it. When we first moved out to Crozet from Cville, we bought in another neighborhood . We loved the big yard and mature trees. We redid the interior top to bottom. What ultimately led us to move to Western Ridge after almost 5 years was children. We became parents in that house and put out hearts into the reno. After my change to being a stay-at-home a year after moving in, I felt pretty isolated. Amazing older neighbors! So sweet with my kids! But really felt the lack if playmates and neighborhood mommy friends. Moved to Western Ridge for the multitude of neighborhood events that embrace the family and neighbors socializing. We’ve been in this house 5 years. On the recent snow day, my kids played with 7 neighborhood friends all within sight if my office window. That’s why we moved into this neighborhood. Kid nirvana. Therefore, happy mommy. Husband says, “If mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” I prefer, “Happy wife, happy life!”

    I love the small-town feel of Crozet and frequent local businesses to show my dedication to the community. I’ve heard some older Crozetians(sp?) say, “All they do is turn right and head to Charlottesville. ” It’s just not true. “

  7. I live in Waylands Grant. It is a lovely neighborhood with lots of kids. There is a nice little park in the back with a small trail behind it that my daughter likes to explore. The gazebo at the entrance introduces you to our common area where campouts, picnics and games of catch take place. You will also find lemonade and homemade snowcones on sale almost everyday throughout the summer by tiny, ambitious entrepreneurs. We have a community facebook page where you will see everything from lost pets and things for sale to basic neighborhood news. The sidewalks are a wonderful addition that connects us all to our beautiful town. This close knit community is exactly what I wanted for my family!

  8. Highlands:

    Nice neighbors
    Lots of young families and retirees
    Big bang for your buck as far as attached homes that don’t feel attached (perhaps because they’re offset, so the party wall is minimized, and I’ve never heard our neighbors through the party wall)
    Many have large, flat, private back yards
    Power rarely goes out
    No street lights.

    No sidewalks in the largest portion of the highlands
    We’re close to our neighbors on either side but you don’t get a lot of neighbor interaction beyond that (at least we don’t, but we’re not stay-at-home parents so this isn’t a priority for us and could be happening during the day without my knowledge)
    Not walkable to downtown Crozet
    No street lights (it’s nice to have the dark at night & enjoy the night sky…but it’s DARK – I’d hate to have to walk a dog at night).

  9. Parkside Village: Super quiet neighborhood. So quiet, parents let their kids play in the street without fear of being run over. Absolutely love the proximity to Crozet Park and the fact we can walk to the coffee shop/drugstore/grocery store (cutting through the old lumber yard). Very friendly neighbors

  10. Old Trail
    -variety of housing choices – rental apts, townhomes, small to large homes
    -factoring in The Lodge literally all age ranges can live in OT
    -if you like being outside, you’ll love this neighborhood – walking/running trails, sidewalks to everywhere, soccer field, lakes, creeks, golf, swimming pool (though expensive)
    -kids can walk/bike to school K-12th grade (pending potential future redistricting)
    -great businesses – ACAC, Trailside, restaurants, etc.
    -easy access to 64 or downtown Crozet via the new & improved Jarman Gap Road
    -large and small neighborhood get-togethers
    -active community Google group
    -fear/frustration of the unknown – what will this neighborhood be like in 5, 10, 15+ years?
    -neighborhood is still being built – occasional builder carelessness, noise, lack of communication with the developer
    -OT Drive is only going to get busier with more vehicle traffic
    -the wind is insane in the winter
    -sometimes how active the Google group is

  11. Westhall – has townhomes and varies sizes and prices of single family homes. Away from any traffic, easy access to Crozet Park and downtown, further away from the railroad tracks than Parkside and a little larger. Trails being built to the park and down to Corey Farms and H. Teeter shopping area. Great neighborhood for kids, one tot playground near the town homes and another being built this year off Summerdean. A few lots still available to build from scratch, and some smaller home lots also available.

  12. From another Heather in Western Ridge 🙂 – it’s a family-centric neighborhood with a very active community. Drive through and you’ll see people walking the trails, people walking dogs, a dad and his kids fishing at the pond, older kids playing lacrosse in the field by the entrance, neighbors standing outside talking, activities going on at the clubhouse. Have a new baby and a neighbor is sure to set up a meal delivery schedule, and a bunch of people will sign up to bring you food even if they haven’t met you yet. It’s the kind of neighborhood where you watch out for your neighbors’ kids, and they watch out for yours. Where a neighbor can post an email on the listserv asking for a contractor recommendation, and get several helpful responses within minutes. As for walkability – personally, I love our location. We’re close enough to get to anything downtown in under 5 minutes, while still feeling like we’re tucked away in the rolling countryside. I don’t mind short-duration car rides at all. 🙂 With small children around, I actually prefer being a bit removed from the heavier car traffic and activity of downtown. It’s the perfect neighborhood for us – so glad we moved here.

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