Count the Train Day in Crozet – 31 May 2013

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I’m always asked “how often does the train run in Crozet?” … and my answer always is “so often I don’t pay attention to it except when it’s not running.”

That said, I’m going to do a “count the trains in Crozet” day this Friday. I have no idea what the schedules are, but I’m going to try to count them this Friday. So if you’re around and thinking about it, please comment here what kind of train, whether it’s freight or passenger, whether it seems heavy or light, and which direction it’s going. If nothing else, hopefully this will be a fun experiment in crowd-sourcing local information.

If you’re on Facebook, post on the RealCrozetVA Facebook stream (I’ll schedule a post to publish there at midnight Thursday) – and please use the #CrozetTrain hashtag

If you visit the RealCrozetVA blog, please comment here.

If you’re on Twitter post something like – Train! Freight – West – light – long – 11:13 am – #CrozetTrain

Train -vs- tree
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3 Replies to “Count the Train Day in Crozet – 31 May 2013”

  1. I like to listen to the train whistles. I learned about them reading a children’s book to my young son many times over. For an unmarked crossing it’s two long,one short, one long. One of the engineers sometimes does just a random, multiple blast tooting and I often wonder what that’s all about!

  2. We hadn’t heard any this morning which was surprising. Then at 3PM we drove into Cville and I saw the train stopped on the Ivy bridge, so I suspect today was not a good day to count trains!

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