RealCrozetVA Blog Note: NEW Calendar

Update 4 November – I changed the title from “No Calendar” to “NEW Calendar” to accurately describe the updates.


For the next few days I’m going to have the Crozet Calendar down. The plugin I was using has taken down RealCrozetVA at least twice and that’s not viable. If anyone has suggestions for a great calendar plugin for WordPress, please let me know. I know there are a couple that cost between $50 and $100 dollars and I’m willing to pay for something that will provide consistent, won’t-take-down-my-blog access for the Crozet community.

Thanks for the understanding.

Also, Blue Ridge Internetworks rocks. If you need web hosting, look at them.

Update 28 October: I’ve installed a new calendar plugin. But as the previous plugin broke the blog and it was deleted without saving any of the previous data … if you’d like an event listed on the Crozet Calendar, please email me again. Better yet, I went ahead and spent the $65 for the license as it’ll allow for more functionality for the community.

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