Brief Market Update for Crozet – December 2013

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I looked at this data a couple months ago but was curious as to what was happening now in the market.

Keep in mind that these numbers are a bit skewed as so much of the Crozet real estate market is new construction:

– Of the 238 homes that have sold this year in the Charlottesville area MLS, 90 are marked as new construction* – nearly 40% of homes sold this year in Crozet are new construction! And that’s a lower percentage than last year, when 48% of the homes sold in Crozet from 1/1/12-12/1/12 were marked as new construction.

That said, in short:

– New resale listings are trending downward, month over month and year over year
– Contracts are trending slightly up
– Closings are moving downward, month over month and year over year

Fewer listings coming on the market with contracts remaining steady may indicate that now could be a good time to consider putting your home on the market …

Have questions? Ask me. (I’m a real estate agent)A few relevant stories –

Should I sell now or wait until spring?
Thinking about buying or selling the spring?
If you are thinking about buying a home in the spring, start the process now.

What’s a data point without context?

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** This is dependent on the builders’ reps accurately inputting data into the MLS
** Crozet is defined, for these purposes, as the geographical area including Brownsville and Crozet Elementary Schools

PDF of Crozet data for your enjoyment.

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