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I do these summaries because:

1) I post useful things on Facebook and not everyone follows the RealCrozetVA Facebook or Twitter.

2) I want these posts to be search- and find-able; Facebook doesn’t allow that.

30 August 2014 – “Downtown Crozet is a bit of a mess right now … being nice to each other wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

30 August 2014

“@realcrozetva are there bike racks @henleyhornets ? Easy to take jarmans gap to #oldtrail to get there now.”

28 August

Reason #379 that I love Crozet:

A friend called me asking me about the safety/placement of one of the steel plates. I emailed someone at the county about it who also happens to live in Crozet.

Got a call within 20 minutes saying that he had gone over and looked at it and was having the contractor look at it and one of the other ones.

So, thank you, Crozet.

28 August – I posted a link to this story – “Students are Not Allowed to Ride Their Bikes to School” — Help Needed and celebrated that that’s not the case in Crozet.

27 AugustHyperlapse video of Chiles Orchard

25 AugustPlease consider donating to the Boys and Girls Club – the Boys and Girls Club Challenge ride is in Old Trail in a couple weeks.

25 August

What’s the construction along 240 near Western Ridge? (just received this question by email).


“To improve the existing drinking water system in the Crozet service area, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, in a joint effort with the Albemarle County Service Authority, will replace 4,700 feet of waterline along Three Notched Road (Rt. 240) in Crozet. Construction will occur approximately from Union Mission Lane to Park Ridge Drive and will last 6 to 7 months.

The project will provide additional flow capacity. A new 16-inch diameter ductile iron waterline will replace two antiquated lines currently serving the area. The old lines will be abandoned in place, and new fire hydrants will be installed.”

Thanks to the Crozet Gazette for the answer!

22 August – I’m trying my darndest to get the local music establishments to post their shows on the Crozet Calendar.

22 August – Recap of the CCAC meeting … and a brief discussion about why chains aren’t (my opinion) wanted in Crozet.

– 21 August – A reminder of a post I wrote a few years ago. How do you describe your neighborhood in Crozet?

18 August – Bill Schrader and Jessica Mauzy are Great neighbors

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