Maybe Progress on Barnes Lumber project?

via the excellent Charlottesville Community Engagement.

Albemarle Supervisors talk $2.5 million in funding for Crozet project, $4.4M in affordable housing projects 

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meets at 1 p.m. in Lane Auditorium but there is also a hybrid option. (agenda)

The first item deals with a key component for the future of Crozet. Albemarle County entered into a public-private partnership with an entity known as Crozet New Town Associates to inject new life into a plan to redevelop the former Barnes Lumber site. Part of the plan is to create a road network and public space on which to build new town space. The cost of doing so has increased and now $2.5 million more in public money is suggested.

“The proposed addendum enables the County to complete the road network, whereas the developer will provide additional contributions to include paying for water and sewer utility installation, building a public restroom in a development adjacent to the public plaza, providing seed money to fund an Executive Director for the Downtown Crozet Initiative (a community development organization supporting the project), donating Right of Way (land) in the amount of approximately $300,000, and covering expenses exceeding the new project budget,” reads the staff report

One million of the funding would come from the American Rescue Plan Act and $1.5 million would come from the county’s Economic Development Investment Pool.

As fun history, these are a few photos from June 2012 when the lumberyard was sold at auction.

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3 Replies to “Maybe Progress on Barnes Lumber project?”

  1. Operative word: ‘maybe’.
    Kinda tired of promises.
    I will believe something will happen when I see bulldozers moving dirt.

    1. Ten years of promises from an evil Tom Sawyer. They (the property owners) can’t even cut down trees growing up in and around the concrete pads from the past 8+ years.
      I said in 2014 this was all posturing and that is what we (as a community) got ever since then. Good luck. Now a decade since it’s auction based acquisition, we have a new promise with public money to try and do what the developer refused to do in spendimg on cleaning it up and actually doing anything of substance. The bar is very low here.

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