January 2023 CCAC Recap – Mobile Home Park Meeting

Read or skim the recap here in this PDF of the thread with all the tweets from the meeting. But first, please watch this part of the meeting in which one of the residents laments the lack of affordable housing in Albemarle County. And then advocate for more housing in Albemarle, even if it’s in your backyard.

This tweet tried to capture the comments from the speaker.

Quick takeaways

  • Watch the whole meeting, or skim the tweets. Please.
  • Hopefully the additional units at the Crozet Mobile Home Community will be approved by the Albemarle Board of Supervisors.
  • Presentations for the mobile home community are below.
  • We need more infrastructure for humans to get around without being forced into cars. The County needs to lead and act
  • This is the CCAC website.

The Tweets

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