Walk to School Day at Crozet Elementary

I love this. Walk and Bike to School Day at Crozet Elementary @crozetelem #walktoschool #biketoschool #walktoschoolday #crozet #crozetelementary A post shared by The Crozet Gazette (@crozetgazette) on Oct 4, 2017 at 6:16am PDT We live in such a walkable & bike able area … more parents need to encourage their kids to walk to school.

Walk to School Day 2013

via email – Crozet Elementary celebrates another Walk (Bike) to School Day on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013.  This walk is in concert with a greater national effort, http://www.walkbiketoschool.org. Students can walk or bike from home.  Additionally, buses will drop students off at Crozet Baptist Church and parent volunteers will help students walk safely to school. This …

Walk to School Meeting this Thursday – are you Going?

Crozet Community Advisory Council Meeting – Walking & Biking to School meeting to try to get community buy-in. This is the sort of meeting that the community needs to, if it truly believes in connectivity and walking/biking to school, get behind. … The meeting will be dedicated to the topic of walking and biking to the local schools. Representation from each of the schools and PTOs will make this a much more lively and effective discussion.

How Many Residents in Old Trail Walk to School?

I would love to see a story about the restrictions that Western Albemarle, Brownsville and Henley place on walking to school … from someone who has the time to investigate such things. … Sure there aren’t sidewalks, but I don’t think anyone would be harmed by walking on the path that has started to be worn into the grass. And here’s the thing – I know that the schools have prohibitions against kids walking to school (schools, jump in and correct me if I’m wrong) but if parents stepped up and advocated for their kids’ rights and their rights as parents to allow their kids to walk to school, the schools would have to listen. View Larger Map As an aside, I’ve asked the video students at WAHS to help me out – this time on a project that focuses on walking to school – but this year is the fourth year that I’ve gotten no response.

Walk To School Day This Friday at Crozet Elementary

This Friday, 19 February is Crozet Elementary’s Monthly Walk to School Day . We probably won’t be walking as we would be walking in the middle of the road for most of the way due to snow. I asked on Twitter if Brownsville does “Walk to School” days – (and really meant Western and Henley as well) and got an interesting response . Is it true that kids are discouraged/disallowed from walking to school on their own?

Walk to School Day

Dear Members of the Crozet Community, We wanted to let you know that on Friday, March 31, children at Crozet Elementary School will be walking to school.  This event is designed to help kids learn that fitness can be fun and practical….  Supported by the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation [ACCT] and their Safe Routes to School initiative, this event encourages all families who can walk to school to do so.  Children who must ride the bus will have the opportunity to take a walk around the outside of the school before entering the building for the day.  Parents who drive their children by car are invited to park at Crozet Baptist Church on St.  George Avenue and walk to school from there under the supervision of school staff.  A second supervised “Walking School Bus” will walk from the Brookwood neighborhood.  Members of the community are advised to be on the lookout for children walking in the neighborhoods and to be extra careful driving between 7-8am.