Redistricting nears in Crozet

From today’s DP.

One of the most telling lines of this story, detailing the impending moves of 90+ kids was the last line of this quote depicting Crozet’s nearing self-sufficiency:

“Our biggest concern is that we’re being separated from the community that we live in and are a part of,” said Kathy Rainey, whose two children at Crozet would be moved to Meriwether. “Where we live, we are part of the Crozet community. To send us to Meriwether Lewis is taking us out of where our teams, churches and volunteer work are. We don’t normally go into Charlottesville to recreate.” (bolding mine)

We’re getting close. Once the Old Trail Town Center (please don’t call it the Shoppes of Old Trail, or something equally contrived!) comes online, the sidewalks are built to facilitate walking and Downtown’s resurgence continues, why would anyone go to Charlottesville?

More information at Albemarle County’s site and Brian Wheeler’s SchoolMatters site.

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Sidewalks coming to Crozet

In spite of my reluctance to post press releases, this is a pretty important one:

Sidewalks and streetscapes are an integral part of creating a walkable and pedestrian-oriented downtown Crozet.

The current sidewalk project, Phase I, will get underway in the next several weeks and will focus on the area from the railroad crossing on Crozet Ave to the current Crozet Library. Stormwater improvements will be focused along Crozet Avenue from the Rescue Squad to the Dairy Queen intersection. The project will include construction of new and replacement of existing storm- water utilities, addition of curb and gutter, new sidewalks, handicap curb ramps, concrete pavers, stamped concrete crosswalks, painted crosswalks, pedestrian lighting, pedestrian warning lights retaining walls and landscaping.

Project Open House

Date: Wednesday, February 28
Time: 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Place: Crozet Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
Drop by at your convenience to view project maps and graphics and to talk to county staff and consultants about the sidewalk/streetscape project.
Details, including a graphical representation of the project, are available on the Crozet Master Plan website.

Whatever misgivings one might have with how the County is moving forward with growth, they certainly are trying to communicate with us now. You can learn more about where this and other transportation issues are in the process here.

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Looking for a Harris Teeter update

From a reader:

Jim, I tried adding the following comment to the discussion of Harris Teeter coming to town, but it said that the discussion was locked.  I wasn’t sure of another appropriate discussion to place my comments/question.  In any case, have you heard anymore about Harris Teeter or any other grocery store coming to Crozet?  More specifically, have you heard when they are going to start development of the Blue Ridge Shopping Center?  The sign posted for the shopping center says Rivanna Realty is the realtor.  I found this website, that says the center would be completed in 2005 :)  It now appears that Rivanna Realty has been acquired by this company, yet I see no mention of the shopping center.  Also, according to this article, which was written a year ago, they were looking at a mid-2007 completion.  Have you heard any updates?

I’m working on it.

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Old Trail opens its arms to the community

This qualifies as a “good thing” –

On Tuesday, January 23, 2007, Old Trail Golf LLC, filed an application for a Special Use Permit with the County of Albemarle Department of Community Development. This new permit will modify our existing SUP and will allow Old Trail to host events other than golf related events. The ability to use the new Pavillion for these affairs is consistent with Old Trail’s “inclusive” philosophy, namely, as a place where all are welcome, and would allow all the opportunity to host gatherings in the Pavillion. These uses could range from birthday parties, garden clubs, book clubs, private dinners, business meetings (for example, in March the Albemarle Bar Association will hold it’s annual meeting here in late March), Old Trail Owners Association meetings, to Crozet Community Association. These uses are consistent with our original vision for the clubhouse, we were advised to add these uses to our existing Permit to avoid any future problems for those that will want to use the clubhouse in the future.

Thanks to OTV for the heads-up.

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Redistricting in Crozet

Crozet children and their families are facing another redistricting.

NBC 29 reports and the Daily Progress has more information.

From the DP:

The number of students who will be redistricted will be decided by Jan. 15, and school administrators will present parents with new boundary options the division is considering, said Diane Behrens, director of support and planning services for county schools.

The School Board will hold a public hearing in early March before it votes on the options.

Current elementary school districts are shown here on Albemarle’s website (PDF)

Crozet’s School Board representative can be reached here:

Barbara Massie Mouly
265 Newtown Road
Greenwood, VA 22943

Update: I neglected to mention that Brian Wheeler is also our school board representative, by virtue of his being the At-Large member of the School Board. I have said many times before that Brian’s openness and level of communication (and methods) ought to be emulated by more politicians.

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Endorsing ASAP?

From Sunday’s Crozet Community Association email:

At the CCA meeting Thursday, the following officers were elected for next year:; President, David Wayland;; Vice President, Heidi Sonen;; Secretary, Judy Burbes; Treasurer, Emery Taylor.;

At the meeting we heard a report from Jack Marshall from Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population (ASAP).; He invited the CCA to endorse their amendment to the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan, an amendment calling for the Board of Supervisors to define our area’s Sustainable Optimal Population size.; Detailed information on this amendment can be found on ASAP’s website; Members of CCA will be asked at our January 11th meeting to vote on endorsing ASAP’s position

What do you think about this proposal? Is it a viable option? Would Crozetians support such a proposal? What is our “optimal size”? Practically, how might we limit that population? If we reach X population threshold – what happens then?

Rather than link to their Word document, I have provided their Comprehensive Plan Amendment here as a PDF.

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Foothill Crossing moving forward?

I do not yet know. I do know that I missed the Site Review comment meeting yesterday, am going to try to make the Site Review Committee meeting date tomorrow (10 am)

Did anybody make the meeting yesterday? If so, what came of it?

See the attached letter (PDF) from the County received by adjoining landowners.

Charlottesville Tomorrow noted in March that Foothill Crossing was “indefinitely deferred.” (also on Albemarle’s site)

Google on Foothill Crossing

We’ll see …  hopefully I am not jumping to conclusions just because I live in an adjoining development that would be impacted.

Hat Tip to Katrien for her vigilance.

Update 11-4-06: The DP has an article on this development.

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