Development in Crozet the issue

Not surprisingly, Crozet’s growth is the primary issue in this year’s election.

The Daily Progress has a fairly in-depth article this morning.

Obligatory Ann Mallek quote:

“[Residents are] being very frank with me and almost everyone feels run over by the change that’s happened,” Mallek said. “All the promises that were made have been empty so far.”

Obligatory David Wyant quote:

“I think Crozet could be one of the nicest communities there is when it eventually builds out,” he said. Wyant said he worked to get a park included in the Old Trail development and for school improvements in Crozet. He also was involved in plans for a downtown library and is working so that the area can enjoy mass transit.

I would love to hear more about Crozet’s mass transit plans.

And – see where the candidates are getting their money.

So far, Mrs. Mallek has $15,010 and Mr. Wyant has $10,680, both of whom I expect will be collecting and spending (much) more. Both candidates, surprisingly have received relatively few contributions from Crozetians.

Democratic Central asks:

But if the issue is that there are all of these new people in Crozet now, then by definition there are a lot of people there who don’t know David Wyant and his family.  So I doubt that the fact that Wyant’s family has been in the area for generations will win it for him.

The real issue is, “Why didn’t you or anyone else notice that you got the growth estimates all wrong?  Can’t anyone there do math?”

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2 Replies to “Development in Crozet the issue”

  1. I am fine with growth given three things:

    1. Frankly, if the local stores can keep up with the demands that these new homes put on them, I am fine with it.

    2. If the local schools are expanded so that the quality of education is not reduced, then I am fine with it.

    3. If these are people who will commute to Charlottesville, then they should find a house in Charlottesville. People who live in Crozet should work in Crozet. Housing may be hard to find in Charlotesville, but Crozet houses should be bought only as a last resort.

  2. Have you seen the article “What’s New in Crozet” in the Real Estate magazine (maybe Real Estate Weekly?) Aug 30 – Sept 5 issue. Seems as if EVERYONE is talking about Crozet!

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