“A victory for Crozet”

From today’s C-Ville:

“It’s a victory for Crozet,” says Atwood, clearly buoyed by the conditional approval. The county is currently looking at changing the zoning in downtown Crozet to encourage mixed-use redevelopment. “We’re taking the old bones of a town and recreating them. They’ve always been talking about redoing Crozet, and it’s time to do some work there. It’s a community that really wants their identity back.”

Redevelopment – good or bad?

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2 Replies to ““A victory for Crozet””

  1. Good or Bad?

    I guess that depends on how high you want your property values to skyrocket. It sounds to me like they’re going for a satellite version of the Cville downtown mall.

  2. I for one actually like Great Value. It has the feel of a small town grocery store. What other place still takes takes your groceries to your car for you?

    I also hope that all this effort to create a new main street of Crozet, doesn’t completely turn it into a Faux Town. For now, there still is lots of legitimate culture in Crozet, and I hope that’s respected new developments. After all, I’m sure lots of people didn’t find Southern States to be particularly senic when it was downtown; however, it was undeniably reflective of the local culture of an economy that was agriculturally based. Bringing lots of upscale grocery stores and making them look rustic won’t necessarily do much to preserve local culture. (Now building a permanent farmers market, that might…)

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