Crozet Music Festival – What did you think?

What were the highlights? Lowlights? What can be done better next year? Favorite performance?

As the DP noted:

But from Seth Johnston’s point of view, things were moving along well. Johnston, who plays with The Rogan Brothers band, said the perils of putting together a music festival are enormous, “like invading Normandy, when nothing goes right.” He was impressed that short, 30-minute-or-so sets were moving along rapidly and organizers seemed to have pulled it off with aplomb.

“Charlottesville needs this,” said Johnston, standing near the beer truck and wearing a green velvet shirt and black cowboy hat, beer in hand. Several musicians said there is no similar venue or festival in the area and the event fills a void.

“All these local bands need to have an outlet like this,” Johnston said. He said local talent is impressive. Ian Gilliam, who played at the event, is a Stevie Ray Vaughan-like guitarist. Young rock bands are coming out of the woodwork, he said.

That the thing happened at all makes it an unqualified success. Next year will be better.

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