If you Live in a Neighborhood in Crozet

A friend asked me a question the other day (through Facebook) about a recent foreclosure that sold in his neighborhood and it triggered something I’ve been meaning to do –

If you live in a neighborhood in the Crozet area and would like me (actually the MLS system but it’ll look like it’s from me) to send you emails when a property comes on or goes off the market, has a price reduction or sells, please send me an email and let me know your name, email address and neighborhood. The Crozet real estate market is clearly not immune to the continually shifting real estate market, and we’re all concerned/curious about our property values.

This is something that I have set up for myself in my neighborhood (Parkside Village), and I’m certain that it would be useful for many of you. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know this isn’t a veiled attempt to sell you something anything, but a recognition that I have access to a service that could provide value to you.

Civilization Comes to Crozet


New China

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In the form of the New China restaurant in The Square.

Their phone numbers are 434-823-5256/434-823-5291.

They are open Monday through Thursday from 11am to 9:30pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 10:30pm and Sunday from noon to 9pm.

I haven’t been yet, but I’ve heard good reports already.

Here is the BIG Announcement – ACAC Coming to Old Trail

Mostly from the press release …

Opening in Spring 2009, ACAC will occupy approximately 8500 square feet of the new commercial center.

ACAC is a regional owner and operator of fitness and wellness centers, with facilities in Richmond, Charlottesville, and West Chester, PA. The new Old Trail ACAC will be its sixth location. At the new Crozet facility, ACAC will offer many of its popular services to members in Old Trail Village and the surrounding area. The new location will feature cardiovascular and strength equipment, group exercise, and child care. (ed note: bolding mine)

Old Trail Village Center, a mixed-use development at the heart Old Trail Village will feature a wide variety of businesses that improve the vitality of Old Trail and the surrounding Crozet community. The tenant mix will include eateries, medical service providers, insurance and mortgage brokerages, a Segway outlet, and the new ACAC fitness and wellness facility. Apartments varying in style from loft to townhome designs are also available in the Village Center, providing modern convenience at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The unique combination of retail, office space, and apartments creates a close-knit, friendly community in the heart of Old Trail Village.

Justin Beights, Vice President of Beights Development Corporation, said of the ACAC lease-signing, “I am excited about this partnership with ACAC as both a developer, a resident of Old Trail Village, and as a current member of ACAC. Now my family and I will have a high quality wellness center only steps from our front door.” With the addition of the large community pool currently under construction, Old Trail Village will soon feature the most complete package of neighborhood amenities in the region.

Is Crozet big enough for two gyms? We have 24-Hour Fitness in the Clover Lawn Shops and now ACAC. Don’t say we’re not an active community!

*Sorry for the delay in posting this … with respect to my sources, I have to abide by their wishes. Also, this rumor has been circulating for months, if not years and I didn’t want to jump the gun only to have the rumor prove to be just that.

Pulled from the Comments – Why I chose to move to Crozet

My family moved out of Charlottesville to a farm near Crozet 9 years ago. We moved out this way because we could see the way things were changing in the north of Albemarle County, way more traffic, more subdivisions, more shopping centers. I grew up in SC which has been taken over by shopping centers and developments. When one gets run down, the developers move a mile down the road, abandon the first shopping center and build another. There are many abandoned shopping centers around Greenville, SC. It is an ugly, concrete filled, traffic inundated place, that used to be green and lovely until the developers took over. I would hate to see that happen to Crozet. It seems to be already happening in the north of the county.

I love old Crozet. Yes, it is rundown in some ways, but my kids love watching the train at the old library, I love being able to look for books in the library and still being able to keep an eye on my kids. If the library doesn’t have a book that I want, they will get it for me from another library in the county or in the state. I love that the librarians know my name, and that I know the people in the hardware store, and the pizza and grocery store.

I really would rather not see the Harris Teeter go in on 250. Our traffic will increase substantially, and where one store goes, others will follow. I make a trip to Charlottesville or Waynesboro once a week for a major shopping trip, what I run out of during the week, I shop for locally.

I love that I can have chickens, roosters, donkeys, horses and cows and no one complains about the noise, smell, flies, … We live in what is now a rural area. How long that it will remain that way is questionable, but I chose to move here because it was a largely rural area. I think that it is the charm of the area, and keeps it unique. If we add all the things that people want like a movie theatre, Chinese restaurants, more pizza places, more stores, then it will begin to be more like NoVA and less like Crozet. What will make our town unique? We will look like every other place in suburban USA.

Editor’s Note – anyone is welcome to submit a story to be published on RealCrozetVA.com. If you’re interested, please let me know. Also, a new library is coming.

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Dennis Rooker

Referencing Old Trail in Crozet –

‘No plan is perfect, but it’s probably the best plan I’ve seen,’ Supervisor Dennis S. Rooker said. When a citizen addressed the familiar concern that the Crozet area and the 250 Bypass will sprawl and become the next Route 29N or Pantops, Rooker responded, ‘Houses don’t create people. They’ll come whether or not the houses are here.’ –courtesy of this week’s C-Ville.

If they don’t build the houses, where would they live?If they don’t build the houses, where would they live? Clearly these are the words of someone who cares.

What is the RealCrozetVA blog?

I am starting this blog somewhat on a whim, so as to provide a forum for Crozet to (hopefully) discuss their thoughts about Crozet’s growth.

My whimsical vision also sees this as a place to discuss Crozet’s goings-on, music and cultural events, local vineyards, etc. This will be a slow start, as my business* and my blog and my life already consume so much of my time. Please be patient, and if anybody wants to help out, please let me know.

This is obviously a work-in-progress – I don’t know about the blogroll error to the right, but I will figure it out shortly, I hope.

You may start here to learn a little bit about some of what has been happening in Crozet. Update 5/30/14: This is the Crozet Calendar – a growing listing of events in Crozet.


* I edited the link to my first site – from 12 years ago – is no longer in existence.