Crozet Needs a Bigger Library


Here is the report referenced by NBC29 and commissioned by the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library (JMRL) board.

I emailed John Halliday, the Executive Director of the JMRL and asked three questions:

1 – Why was the study commissioned?
2 – Can you tell me how much it cost?
3 – What was the purpose of the study? It seems obvious that the library is too small.

His answers:

The study was done as a routine review of library facilities.  JMRL’s Five-Year Plan, 2009-2014 called for a review of library facilities to be completed by June 2010.  The review was completed in June, even though it had a July date.  The cost was $2000.  We called in a consultant because we wanted JMRL’s facilities to be looked at objectively, from an outsider’s perspective.  The review included space needs (size) based on current standards, condition of physical plant including furnishings and mechanical systems, and security needs.

More on the history of the Crozet Library’s need and plans to build at Charlottesville Tomorrow’s cvillepedia.

The above information isn’t new:

Crozet Library – Some numbers on why it’s Needed (12/09)

Parking at the Crozet Library is an issue.

SUV stuck on Crozet Library wall! on Twitpic
The Twitter responses were pretty one-sided.

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6 Replies to “Crozet Needs a Bigger Library”

  1. If you are concerned (quite justifiably) about the Crozet Library facilities report and the continued, extended delay in building a new library, I urge you to email the Board of Supervisors ([email protected]) and insist they fund the building of the new library.
    There’s no better time to build then now. Two other libraries close to the size planned for Crozet have been completed recently and both came in at least 35 to 40% UNDER what was originally budgeted.
    Why have a AAA bond rating if you don’t use it to build facilities that your citizens are demanding at a time when construction costs are at a historic low?

    Do we have to wait until someone actually gets hurt and sues the County before they’ll act to protect our welfare?

    Full Disclosure: I’m one of three Albemarle trustees on the JMRL Board of Trustees, I was appointed by the BOS in 2003 and re-appointed most recently in 2009. I’m also a member of the Crozet Community Advisory Council.

  2. Where the whole process loses me is that they are starting to use the safety word. This is a case of people wanting something. Can’t get it the old fashioned way, scream safety. Was this all unsafe last year? If your
    favorite eating place or whatever is crowded do you cry safety until they
    seat you, or build you a bigger place? The people of Crozet need a choice.
    Do they want Streetscapes now or a library. You cannot have it all. It simply is not fair to the rest of the County and I point that out to any
    County Employee that I happen to see…

  3. I haven’t been inside the crozet library, but can’t they temporarily expand it by adding a trailer onto the existing building? Its not the prettiest solution, but it would offer more sq feet. Sure, it would eat into its parking lot, but the library is a safe short walk under the tracks from the square and from the looks of streetscape main street, more parking would be added. They could leave a few spots for handicap parking directly off the library. If they have the funding (which they don’t), build a new one, but it seems a waste of money to relocate into another building as a “temporary” solution. Sometimes, those temporary solutions turn into permanent solutions.

    I hope they don’t stop streetscape to build a library and leave streetscape as a mud pit. I’m not sure if i would of picked one project or the other, but since they started one project – please finish it off.

  4. George –

    I don’t see a trailer as a viable answer to the need for expansion.

    But, I agree that I hope they finish both projects.

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