You want more fields in Crozet?

Mark you calendars, then.

Community Workshop for the Western Park Master Plan Scheduled for March 25

Crozet area residents are invited to attend a Community Workshop to discuss their vision for the new Western Park on Tuesday, March 25, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Western Albemarle High School Cafeteria.

The goal of this community workshop, which is the first step in the park master plan process, is to solicit comments, advice and suggestions from Crozet citizens about the features they would like to see in the long-term plan for the new Western Park.  The workshop will also include information about the existing conditions at the site.

As identified in the Crozet Master Plan, the creation of Western Park in Old Trail is an essential part of the network of public parks and greenways envisioned for the Crozet Development Area. The future parks and greenways network will provide recreational opportunities for the community, protect sensitive natural systems, preserve public areas that characterize Crozet, and link neighborhoods to downtown and other areas in Crozet and the region.  35.8 acres have been established for the Western Park greenway and park area, to include a mix of recreational uses such as sports fields, trails, picnicking, and preserved areas. The first step towards the creation of Western Park is the creation of a master plan for the long-term development of the park and greenway area.

Rieley and Associates, a local landscape architectural firm, has been selected to develop the Western Park Master Plan. A committee consisting of County staff, Old Trail staff, representatives of the Crozet Park Board, the Crozet Community Advisory Council, the Crozet Community Association, and an at-large member will meet regularly to provide direction to the consultant throughout the Western Park Master Plan process.

For more information, including maps and graphics of the actual park location, visit the Western Park Master Plan page on the County websiteTo receive email updates about the progress of the project, go to  and sign up for Amail, the County’s e-news service.

Thanks for the heads-up, Lee!

(reprinted entirely from an email from Albemarle County)

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