Crozet Fire Dept. Raffle – May 12, 6 p.m.

Dinner and a raffle. Down some vittles at the station at 6 p.m, and win big at 7! Proceeds benefit the CVFD and pay for operating expenses and equipment upgrades. To purchase raffle tickets (only 300 will be sold, and they’re being snapped up quickly), stop by the fire station or Arbor Life. Cash or checks only.

Video of Structure Fire in Crozet

There was a fire in Crozet tonight. It was a small shed. I’m not going to speculate on how it happened, only I’m glad that the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department arrived so quickly and no one and no home appear to have been injured.

The video is unedited; taken with my Droid.

I know this. I’m grateful for the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department. Donate here: than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Fourth of July Parade in Crozet? Fireworks?

Update 10 June 2010:

The Crozet Gazette (good thing we have paid journalists to do this reporting!) reports that the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department will be doing neither fireworks nor a parade this year.

“We’re not doing the parade this summer,” announced assistant chief Warren “Hubba” Wood. “We’re doing everything for the 100th anniversary celebration on Sept 18. We can’t turn around and do it again in September. We’ll make it big this fall.”

Who’s interested in holding a parade on the Fourth of July? It’s on a Sunday …

Anybody know what’s happening this year?

Crozet’s fireworks were canceled/never planned last year. It’s most likely too late to plan them this year, so I ask – has anybody planned them?

I assume there will be a parade and fireworks, but everybody knows what happens when one assumes …

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