Fourth of July Parade in Crozet? Fireworks?

Update 10 June 2010:

The Crozet Gazette (good thing we have paid journalists to do this reporting!) reports that the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department will be doing neither fireworks nor a parade this year.

“We’re not doing the parade this summer,” announced assistant chief Warren “Hubba” Wood. “We’re doing everything for the 100th anniversary celebration on Sept 18. We can’t turn around and do it again in September. We’ll make it big this fall.”

Who’s interested in holding a parade on the Fourth of July? It’s on a Sunday …

Anybody know what’s happening this year?

Crozet’s fireworks were canceled/never planned last year. It’s most likely too late to plan them this year, so I ask – has anybody planned them?

I assume there will be a parade and fireworks, but everybody knows what happens when one assumes …

That’s Not My Job (aka Who’s To Blame? Whose Responsibility? and The Everybody Somebody Anybody Nobody Story – take your pick…)

This is a story about four people: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it.

Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did.

Somebody got angry (about that) because it was Everybody’s job.

Everybody knew that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realised that Somebody wouldn’t do it.

And (/It ended up that) Everybody blamed Somebody because (/when) Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

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16 Replies to “Fourth of July Parade in Crozet? Fireworks?”

  1. Actually, there might not be a parade this year (at least not hosted by the CVFD). The Gazette should have the full story soon.

  2. I just called the CVFD and they confirmed that they will NOT be hosting a July 4th parade this year. Instead, they aim to include one in their September festivities. If another group decides to take on hosting a July 4th parade, it’ll need to be quick, but it sounds like there is plenty of interest.

  3. Hmm … seems like we need a coordinator/leader to organize the parade. Anyone up for contacting the Crozet Fire Department and borrowing their knowledge/know-how to set this up?

    1. There may be no money from the Fire Department, but I’d wager if the community had been asked by someone or an organization six months ago, they’d have supported this financially.

      I’m not suggesting the FD should do it; they do more than enough already for the community. And I’m not suggesting a government organization should do it; the community needs to if it wants it.

  4. That is disappointing, and/but the somebody/nobody story is so appropriate.
    BUT, maybe its a good thing. I’ve always been puzzled why the parade and fireworks were never on the 4th of July – seems a real random tradition that has been in need of fixing. Not having those things is disappointing, but also a good opportunity for new organization for next year – and how nice would it be to actually have it on the 4th of July? Imagine that!
    Does anyone know when this was dropped by the fire department? Seems to have let the community down, now that we don’t have enough time to organize/close the street. Don’t mean to talk bad about the fire department, but it seems that information should have been decided and made very public a while ago….

  5. Yep, used to have a parade, carnival at Crozet Park, fireworks, all over the
    Fourth of July holiday. We were a tight knit community then, now, it’s hard to get these things back… Other communities in the area have these things though. I’m sure they will welcome you. Explore a little, see what the area really is like. The bottom line is that the CVFD made the choice to celebrate their history this fall. Enough people knew about it that it was
    no secret.

  6. Ok, I’ll bite. People who have lived in the community long enough to know what is to be looked forward to at certain times of the year. Sometime around Memorial Day, first week of June the CVFD signs go up
    announcing the planned things for July 4th. This year none. Simple question to anyone you know or in the CVFD would give you the answer why. Just like a new vehicle sitting in the grass in front of the fire station
    usually means a car raffle is going on. What I find interesting is what you
    define as “most others”. I suspect you feel that you are part of that group
    even though you hardly know them. You maintain a local news and discussion website and that is all good. But, don’t let it go to your head…

  7. What has happened to the enthusiasm of the Fire Dept.? No one knew you were not going to have a parade until the last minute. If news of no parade had made it to the public early I am sure the public would have been willing to help out either with donations or with volunteer support. I know I would have. It just taken planning and someone willing to get involved I and others I know have tried to get involved with the Fire Dept., but you don’t seem to want out help. My son is looking for volunteer work; I called to ask if there was something he could do at the Fire Dept. (such as stuffing envelopes for donations or other fund raising projects) after two phone calls and no return call, I gave up and decided you didn’t need funds or support. Then you say you don’t have enough funds for a parade, well you can make funds. The sheriff of Green Co. made funds for his dept. when there was none. Crozet Fire Dept. can too if they want to, just get the word out and the public will help, if you are willing to accept their help. You must let the public know what your needs are and get a good fund raiser with lots of advertisement. For example a car was setting in front of your department, but no advertisement what you were doing with the giveaway car. With all the new people in the community there is no reason for not enough funds for the Fire Dept. the public needed to know about what is going on. I saw no advertisement at Harris Teeter or Old Trail regarding a giveaway car nor that Fire Dept. needed funds for a parade. If you don’t want to have a parade or fireworks let the public know and maybe someone else will step up and help like they did for the McIntire Fire Works. There is no excuse for (we don’t have the funds) when you didn’t say 12 mts. ago you didn’t have funds. Poor planning or no one wants to take the responsibility. If you don’t want to do it then tell the public ( and I mean really let the public know) and see what happens.

  8. Yes one person knows, does everyone know, are you willing to help. One person can’t do it alone.

  9. Does anyone have any updates on the September Celebrattion ?
    What time does the parade start ?
    What events are going to be at the park ?


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