Restore N Station Plan to Be Re-Submitted

Update 10 June 2010:

Charlottesville Tomorrow has an extensive story.

It’s about the water.

Albemarle Planning Commission members placed an “X” over a proposed gas and convenience store in Crozet — fearing high water usage could dry neighbors’ wells, and runoff could seep into neighbors yards.

The commission voted Tuesday to deny some components of the proposed Re-Store ‘N Station, which would be next to the Crozet Moose Lodge, 0.3 miles west of Western Albemarle High School on U.S. 250. The Board of Supervisors will get the final say on whether to approve the plan for the two-story, 4,750-square-foot station, but opposition by the Planning Commission, which advises supervisors, comes as a major setback for the station.

“Is this area fit for a well or wells that will draw up to 1,624 gallons?” said Planning Commission member Calvin Morris. “That’s my concern.” Dozens opposed to the station, many of whom said Tuesday that they live near the proposed site, expressed the same concern.

And …

Water’s not an infinite resource.

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6 Replies to “Restore N Station Plan to Be Re-Submitted”

  1. Smaller Station, less water???? I expect him to return with revised plans.
    If the board would cap Old Trail and stop future tract housing that would
    really be common sense…

  2. I think less water was the key to the decision (I wasn’t there).

    A key difference between Old Trail and a gas station is that Old Trail is connected to the public water and sewer system.

  3. That is great that they are having them reconsider the size, for any reason. I didn’t get a chance to go to the meeting either. I did download the pdf that was put on this site (thank you) and felt more comfortable with its size & layout – but the room for ‘future’ growth unknown was worrisome.

    Here is one thing to consider….if Yancy mills didn’t exist and applied for permit today, how many would want it? I’m going to guess 0 (well, maybe ed). Its ‘funny’ what we choose to accept if it already exists and what we don’t. The positive regarding growth, (more) people to have a say and concern in the matter at hand.

  4. Here is another thing to consider…. Water was the issue, an unproven one. To think that the board will continue to approve tract housing and nothing else is nonsense. The lumber yard at Yancey Mills has served the community well. What is wrong with it?? To think that you know the area well enough to think that no one would want another one shows how small your world is. Tract housing uses alot of water. It might not be sourced
    from where the housing is but, it still comes out of the watershed. Why you would pretend anything else is beyond me. The current influx of people to this area is not healthy for it. It makes for a bad mix with a
    bedroom community mentality and that is what I am against.

  5. The residents of Yancey Mills and Freetown are so very grateful for everyone’s support. The turnout at the Planning Commission meeting was impressive. BUT we must still get through the Board of Supervisors vote on 14 JULY! Please do everything within your power as a citizen to voice your opposition to this dangerous project. You simply don’t know which developer is lining the pocket of which of our public representatives. PLEASE come to the BOS meeting on 14 JULY and make your position known–even if you don’t speak. Let’s make grassroots democracy work! Thanks for your support Crozet!

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