Crozet Fireworks Needs Our Help (2011)

Dear Crozet Friends and Neighbors,

We have something special in Crozet!  Something most of our country doesn’t get to enjoy.

We have a beautiful environment, a varied four-season climate, a safe community, a friendly and involved group of citizens who value all the good things that come with living in a small town. It’s a great place to grow up, raise a family, work or retire. People come to Crozet from all over our country to enjoy the quality of life that perhaps they used to know somewhere else, but no longer exists in many cities and towns. We have that here. Let’s not lose it or take it for granted.

I am writing to ask for your enthusiastic support of a small town tradition that should not fade away – our annual Crozet Independence Day parade and fireworks show! We have a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate. Let’s honor our volunteer fire department and rescue squads for all the time and care they put in to serving all of us. Let’s lend our financial support to our Crozet Park as it tries to complete a fund-raising goal to pay for an all-season dome over the pool. Let’s celebrate our country’s freedom and also our Crozet way of life with a wonderful parade and fireworks display.

I am working with a dedicated group of local individuals and businesses to see that this symbolic event continues in our town. We’re starting with another Swing Dance, like the one in February, featuring the Salute-to-Swing band on Friday night, July 1st under the shelters at our Claudius Crozet Park.   The festivities continue on Saturday, July 2nd with a parade down Crozet Avenue starting at 4:00 PM and a fireworks show beginning that evening around 9:30 (or 20 minutes after dark) in Crozet Park. Between the parade and the fireworks, we’ll have lots of good food, live music and entertainment, and activities all will enjoy at the Crozet Park. These events involve a lot of donated time from a lot of individuals (won’t you join us – see below) but they can’t happen without financial contributions, too.

We need to raise $6,500 to pay the fireworks company alone!

July will be here before you know it.  Won’t you join me by sending a check today to help with these expenses?

Please make your tax-deductible charitable donation to:

The Downtown Crozet Association, Inc.,
c/o The Crozet Gazette,
P.O. Box 863, Crozet, Virginia 22932

and note on the memo line “fireworks donation”.

Donors of $100 or more will be acknowledged in the upcoming edition of the Crozet Gazette as major supporters of this community event.
Please give as generously as you can, so that all of our town might enjoy this patriotic community tradition.


Sandy Wilcox

Owner of The Blue Goose, Crozet Avenue
[email protected] (434) 981-9125

Fireworks in Crozet were canceled in 2009


Update 25 May 2011 – I received this from Ellen King:

King Family Vineyards is proud to be a part of this wonderful Crozet community! We will be delivering a check today for $500 for the July 4th fireworks fund….we are making this donation specifically to honor our son First LT James King who has been serving our country in the United States Marine Corps in Iraq and Afghanistan and his wife Navy LT. Kelly King who is a nurse at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. We also salute all of the men and women of the military who keep us all safe….Ellen and David King

Thank you, King Family!

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9 Replies to “Crozet Fireworks Needs Our Help (2011)”

  1. While traveling in the Crozet neighborhoods over Memorial day my wife and I could not get over the lack of U.S. Flags displayed.  Old Trail and several of the newer developments had NONE, while the older established houses displayed a few. Does the H.O.A’s in the newer neighborhoods FORBID flag displays or is this some sick P.C. lack of Patriotism? How will this impact our Independence Day Celebration? Will the true meaning of the 4th get trampled and lost and renamed the Crozet Fireworks Celebration? Whats up Crozet?

    1. I’m a veteran and I do not display one. The wind in Crozet keeps me from doing so. And no, my special slice of tract housing doesn’t prohibit it (flag-bearing or patriotism). I’m guessing that most of my neighbors, from pure fatigue chasing down window screens, seat cushions, plants, patio furniture, babies etc during the windier seasons, just don’t give much thought to displaying a flag. It’s the same with a wreath.

    2. I live in Old Trail and can see 3 flags from my house.  Not just on Memorial Day but most of the year. 

      1. Yes, but are they the Great Flags of Crozet or Western Albemarle? Can we get a ruling on what’s more appropriate vis-a-vis the Greenwood Express and the USPS?

        1. As the person said they are the flags of Old Trail.  Do you
          need a ruling to know where you are???

          1. Old Trail has its own flags, did not know that.

            Who’s to say I’m not in Greenwood, blogging about Afton?

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