High Tech in Crozet

Did you know we have a tech company based in Crozet? What follows is both a job listing and a positive economic sign: job growth based in Crozet. I like showing “good things” happening in Crozet, and he’s donating to the fireworks fund.

The Crozet area is a fantastic place to live and to work. It is home to artisans, educators, entrepreneurs, farmers, laborers, and professionals. It is home to award-winning wines, beer, fantastic coffee, and a leading entertainment/e-commerce business.

Along this line, we’re an up-and-coming high-tech business in the network analysis and visibility market. We’re probably the first and only high-tech business in the area. We also share a heritage with Claudius Crozet, a pioneer and engineer, who led the construction of the Blue Ridge tunnels among other achievements.

Our software is designed and implemented here in Crozet, Virginia, USA. It is integrated with hardware as a solution to monitor high-capacity digital tunnels that link critical infrastructures along the information highway. You may not recognize us; but, we serve many organizations around the world. They rely on our platforms to catch “bad things” — from hackers, malware, to poor network performance.

We’re expanding and prefer to give consideration to qualified candidates from the Crozet/Charlottesville community first. We need your help to get the word out. Please share the following “Help Wanted” video with any high-techies that you may know in the area:

To show our appreciation to the Crozet community, we will gladly donate $500 to the Crozet fireworks fund.

–Randy Caldejon

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16 Replies to “High Tech in Crozet”

  1. nPulse Technologies375 Four Leaf Lane, Ste 201Charlottesville, VA 22903
    Main:+ 1 703-673-0044
    22903 is Charlottesville.  North Emmett St runs through it and includes Barracks Road shopping center. For $500.00 I guess they are worth the headline. Don’t know what the big deal is with the harddrives populating the
    array. Sounds like a startup looking for investors too…

        1. Don’t you remember our Post Office discussion Edward?  You seem to change the boundaries of Crozet (an unincorporated community as you so often like to point out) at your whim and to your liking.

          1. I remember. How have I changed the boundaries?  Out on 250 outside of Crozet is out
            on 250 outside of Crozet…

      1. WAHS, Henley, and Brownesville each have Crozet addresses.  USPS  has really screwed up the area’s ZIP Codes and mailing addresses, not to mention wasted tons of money operating or providing contracts for the locations other than the main Crozet branch.

  2. ES try not to be so snarky all the time.  Randy is a great person and a resident of Crozet too (within the USPS and Commonwealth of Virginia definition)

    1. Was not commenting on the person just the information that was presented. The video makes no technical sense to me and the phone
      has a Northern Va. area code. Sounds like a startup looking for investors…

      1. I’m going to suggest that you’re not the target audience for the video, then. 

        RE: the NoVa area code – number portability, skype, voip, etc are rendering area codes’ geographical relevance irrelevant.

        1. Who would be the audience? Hardrives populating an array = Network security?? You are right about the area code. How about looking for investors part?

          1. I know Randy and as far as I know, he is not looking for investors.  He certainly isn’t looking by posting this “want ad” for employees. 

            Plus, this Crozet this is crazy.  The majority of people think of the Western part of Albemarle County as the Crozet area.  I don’t understand what the big deal is here.  People who live in Greenwood, White Hall, Brownsville, Freetown, and others have Crozet address according to the USPS. 

          2. Who is the majority?  People who live in Afton think they live in Crozet? Sorry, Crozet is not the capital of Western Albemarle. But, if it’s really important to you, fine, think like that…

  3. @ ES It obviously shows a product going from an idea drawn on a whiteboard to a working prototype. It doesn’t make sense to you because of your lack of forward thinking

    1. Dancing hard drives populating an array shows forward thinking? Oh, I
      get it. You needed animation to make up for a lack of conceptual skills.
      My mistake…

  4. Now you show a video of a pretty old idea, An old sniffer box that captures internet traffic that looks for intruders. A perfect use for AI.
    Nothing original here and not really high tech. Integrating this into the actual servers and routers would be a next step along with improving the AI’s database. I kinda liked the dancing HD’s better. Of course they would need to update to SSD’s.
    You must really like this guy…

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