Fireworks Canceled in Crozet

Huge thanks to WCAV for this story:

Lake Monticello and Crozet canceled their fireworks shows this year simply because they cannot afford to put them on. Crozet officials say last year the fireworks for the show cost them $6,000. And this year, their supplier said the price went up to $10,000. Officials say the price jump proved to be too much for local businesses who donate the money for the fireworks.

Personally, I am sad.

It’s a shame there was no public outreach this year for the fireworks. I have some ideas but cannot pull it off on my own … if anyone is interested in fundraising or helping in any way, please let me know.

Crozet – I’ll bet we can raise the $10k by March of 2010 … what say you?

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11 Replies to “Fireworks Canceled in Crozet”

  1. Jim –
    I love, love, love hometown fireworks and have contributed in the past to the Crozet fireworks. But right now, so many local people need our help in other ways that I’d rather see $10,000 invested in local nonprofits that help those with the greatest needs in the next 12 months. Once the economy turns around, then I’d be happy to see the fireworks revived and would support them financially once again.

  2. Jim,

    I agree with Kim. There are just so many other priorities right now. I think it is important to support our community in other ways right now.

    On another note, I love fireworks, but have never been able to enjoy the Crozet ones. They hold them so late at night that many children can stay awake that long. I have missed them every year. Boo hoo!

  3. I also agree. The Crozet Downtown Association has raised the cash the past few years, but I think this year it was too much for the businesses to do. I don’t think they even attempted a fundraising campaign this year. A local fireworks show is one of thing Crozet could easily sacrifice in this recession. They’ll be that much more appreciated when we can afford them again!

  4. Kim and Crozet Mom – I absolutely agree. But … they are and were a really great community event. A few years ago, the community came together – in conjunction with the Downtown Crozet Association – and raised the money.

    Allie – I see what you’re saying, and agree to a certain extent. I think that what I others are feeling is a feeling of loss and lack of connectivity … that’s no one’s fault, but the expectation has been for the past few years that the fireworks would happen … this year there was no mention (at least that I saw) in the public conversation about not having them.

    I received an email this afternoon from a reader saying that he’d given to the fireworks in the past and would again, but he wasn’t asked. This year, neither was I.

  5. Jim –
    Yes I totally understand. There was even confusion about the parade. I am not sure where the ball was dropped, but hopefully the whole weekend, including its fundraising, will be better organized and publicized next year. I certainly appreciate the work that people have done in the past to make it actually happen!

  6. I don’t remember seeing anyone asking for money this past year either.

    But, I would like to know if Old Trail will be shooting off fireworks on Saturday night ?

  7. Peter, Allie, Jim – Old Trail Village will not be having fireworks for the Fourth. In fact, we never have. What most people assume are fireworks coming from Old Trail Village/Golf were, in fact, beautiful displays created by a neighbor just to the west of the golf course. I and many other area residents enjoyed their fireworks displays; but sadly, I am uncertain if they’ll have fireworks again as the gentlemen responsible for them passed away last year.

  8. after we got back from watching Wintergreens fireworks, we noticed fireworks being shot off around the park.
    does anyone know who was shooting them off ?
    they looked too big to be just your back yard bangers.

    btw– Wintergreen put on a great show… even in the rain.

  9. I think all of Crozet should consider forking out $10-25 per family to help the fire department in years to come when money is short. This kind of community event is too precious to skip. I never saw any kind of request from the Downtown Association or the CFD asking for help- but I may have missed them. It just wasn’t the same and was a real disappointment.

    Anyway, my 2 cents worth in this dialog.

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