Crozet Mudhouse – Opening Party

Crozet Mudhouse

I still need to confirm when they are opening, but I believe that their hours will be the same as in Downtown Charlottesville … 7 am to 10 pm … Crozet is going to have a nightlife!

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6 Replies to “Crozet Mudhouse – Opening Party”

  1. 1. Crozet HAD a nightlife with Uncle Charlie’s. That place was excellent. Mudhouse has some big shoes to fill.
    2. Why the hype about Mudhouse and not about Greenhouse? They are both slated to open around the same time… Personally, I would much rather support a coffee house where the owners have resurrected/renovated the house themselves rather than just converting an old bar. Plus, it’s a chain…

  2. I don’t think Mudhouse is a chain. Not sure, but I believe it is locally owned, but has just opened several samller outposts.
    I’ve never heard of Greenhouse. Maybe that’s why there is not as much hype…

  3. SBE –

    I would *love* to talk to the folks at Greenhouse, but just haven’t seen any contact information for them anywhere. Help, anyone?

    I would think of Mudhouse as a chain if they were 1) corporate and 2) not from here and 3) didn’t care about the community. They are just a successful story in the Charlottesville area. They’re very involved and interested and care about the area and community, and I think they’ll be a real asset and hopeful anchor to and for Downtown Crozet.

  4. Went to the Mudhouse the other day with the kiddos.
    3 smoothies, 1 muffin, 1 piece of pumpkin cake = $22. (!!)
    Love the look of the place, love that they are using fresh, local ingredients, loved the baked goods we ordered, but at those prices, unfortunately it won’t be a regular thing for this family.
    Would really like to see kid-sized offerings such as Jr. Smoothies or some kind of baked good treat for the kids that doesn’t cost $3 or more!

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