Crozet Community Advisory Council – 19 May 2011

I’m going to update this post tomorrow morning, but wanted to put it out there tonight while it was fresh for me. A few notes before I republish all the tweets:

1 – A lot of interesting and pertinent stuff is discussed here; more of the public really should attend.

2 – That there is money for a temporary parking lot but not a library is a bit sad.

3 – Interesting times coming with the construction on Jarman’s Gap and Crozet Avenue.

4 – That no one from the schools bothered to attend to participate in the Walk/Bike to School discussion was disappointing and frankly, upsetting.

5 – The Crozet Fireworks planning is coming along; much more to come on this shortly.

6 – Comments welcome; I’d love to have members of Crozet do this for both the CCAC and CCA meetings; the information is valuable and I’d like to think that with consistency there could be an audience asking questions via Twitter.

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