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  1. Easy on the buy local jingle. If everyone, everywhere bought local only, where
    would it leave small communities like Crozet? People from Charlottesville would only buy from Charlottesville and so on. Kinda like the 1800’s.

    1.  No jingle; local strawberries taste better. And I’d rather my money support local folks rather than non-local. And I don’t like the idea of my strawberries being shipped across the country – that energy –  fuel, pollution, money could be better appropriated. 

      1. And at least we know where they’ve been. I trust Chiles orchard folks not to pee on the berries like other farmworkers have said they did when farm owners didn’t provide bathrooms…

        1.  I did not realize the Chiles had a ” No Pee” policy. Maybe
          the jingle should be, Buy Local, No Pee.

    2. Drive a bit further west. Critzers (Afton) u-pick strawberries $1.99 per pound. Chiles $2.59 U-pick per pound. The berries are better. And I promise I didnt tinkle on the berries.

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