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“I just wanted to respond to Lonnie’s suggestions. I am one of the owners of Blue Mountain Brewery and I’m glad you made it out to the brewery and I appreciate your suggestions.

1.) We are changing our hours starting April 1st. We will be open from 4pm to 10pm during the week…and 12pm to 10pm on the weekends.

2. Sorry you found our seating akward. We had our large oak tables built to give the brewery a kind of european brew hall feel. We have benches, bar stools, folding chairs, leather chairs, and couches….so hopefully people can find something comfortable.

3. As for our menu…. unfortunately expanding it is just something we can’t do at the moment. Our vision of the brewery was to be more in the lines of the wineries in the area. A place people could come in to sample the beers, sit on the porch and enjoy the view, maybe go on a tour of the brewery, and get some light food. What happens is that when people think of a brewery the first thing they think of is a full fledge restaurant … which we understand … but we just are not able to do at the moment. We are flattered that people enjoy our food so much and we will continue to offer a light menu and we hope to expand our kitchen in the future.

Thanks so much for coming out to the brewery and we hope to see you out there again. We have some great beers on tap and coming on tap soon. Our Belgian triple will be released next week. We will have our wheat beer back on tap and in bottles in a few weeks … along with the very popular Imperial Porter.

Matt Nucci
Blue Mountain Brewery

Thanks, Matt for stopping by and for commenting. You’ve got great beer. Folks, they’re only 14 minutes away!

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*editor’s note – I cleaned up some of the spelling and formatting in the above comment.

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