Coffee Shop in Crozet!

It’s about time. From the press release:

“Beights Corporation proudly announces the addition of Trailside Coffee to the Village Center at Old Trail in Crozet, Virginia. Albemarle native and Crozet-area resident Marcia McGee, proprietor, will be serving fresh brewed coffee and espresso beverages to passersby and residents of Old Trail Village, beginning in January 2009 once construction is complete on the new Village Center.

“I am so excited about this opportunity,” stated McGee at the lease signing, “I have been working hard for months to ensure that I have what I need to do this right. Now we’re ready to go!” McGee began creating her new shop months ago, developing her logo, website, and planned list of offerings in anticipation of her lease-signing this past Friday. She also has secured custom roasting agreements with Williamsburg Coffee & Tea Co. and other, boutique roasters. Of these relationships, McGee said, “I want to provide beans and espresso roasts that are special to our area. As the palate of my customers develops, I can change our custom roasts to best suit their tastes.”

Even though construction on the Old Trail Village Center is a full four weeks ahead of schedule, McGee doesn’t want to keep Crozet-area residents waiting any longer for their espresso fix. Opening in early August, possibly sooner, Trailside Coffee will be operating an espresso and coffee cart in the Old Trail Golf Clubhouse.”

Sunday Fun in Old Trail

Area residents and neighbors are invited to join the families of Old Trail Village for a Summer kick-off party, Sunday, from 12-4!

Located on The Common in Old Trail Village, the party will feature food from local restaurant Three Notch’d Grill, music, balloons, moon bounces and slides, and Maggie Moo’s ice cream! Many homes in Old Trail Village will also be open for touring, each with fresh-baked cookies made by the From Scratch Baking Co., also of Albemarle.

Crozet has Pizza

Let’s see –

Crozet Pizza – no delivery

Sal’s Pizza – no delivery

Domino’s Pizza – delivery

and now Anna’s Pizza in Old Trail– delivery as well!

Anna’s Ristorante Italiano and Pizza, has signed the first lease in the new commercial center at Old Trail Village in Crozet. Anna’s Pizza at Old Trail will be providing delivery to Old Trail residents and others in the nearby Crozet area.

Maybe we could have a bake-off charity event to benefit the Crozet Fireworks Fund.

(Thanks to a reader for prompting this post)

Old Trail groundbreaking

This “reporter” missed the groundbreaking, but these are a few of the related stories from the media –

The Daily Progress

Old Trail – set against a backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Crozet – will feature a “town center” in the midst of residential development. The center will include 85,000 square feet of commercial and office space, including a coffee shop, three restaurants and fitness center along with individual offices. The Old Trail community has about 135 occupied homes, but the large development could have up to 2,600 townhouses, homes and apartments in the next 10 to 15 years. Developers said in an interview they are hoping to build about 100 units per year.

Old Trail Living

View photos of the event here and here.

Dennis Rooker

Referencing Old Trail in Crozet –

‘No plan is perfect, but it’s probably the best plan I’ve seen,’ Supervisor Dennis S. Rooker said. When a citizen addressed the familiar concern that the Crozet area and the 250 Bypass will sprawl and become the next Route 29N or Pantops, Rooker responded, ‘Houses don’t create people. They’ll come whether or not the houses are here.’ –courtesy of this week’s C-Ville.

If they don’t build the houses, where would they live?If they don’t build the houses, where would they live? Clearly these are the words of someone who cares.