Facing Terror Together

Sent to me by a fellow Crozetian:

What: Face Terror Together: A website is being created by a Charlottesville native to give people around the world a unique tool to respond to terrorism. This website let you take your picture and match your face with a stranger on the other side of the world in the face of terror. This will be a simple message to show that terrorism will no longer divide us

This is the current landing page for people to sign up for the launch: http://faceterrortogether.com/

Why Important: In lights of recent events, people around the world are looking for ways to help. With only a few clicks of a button, Face Terror Together will allow anyone in the world to make a statement. There will also be a list of charities fighting terrorism on the website that people can donate to.

Why will your audience find exciting: Two reasons why important:

(1) Charlottesville has become ground zero for the national and global discussion of hate crimes and terrorism. Launching this effort from Charlottesville will help show this city’s response.

(2) Gives residents an easy but important way to contribute and start a global movement.

Background: Jake Van Yahres is visual artist from Charlottesville and his grandfather was former mayor Mitch Van Yahres. His design agency, JVY Creations, has been actively working with many local businesses. Recently his Cville Love Shirts were distributed at Fridays after Five and due to popular demand now available through online stores.

Thank you

Jake Van Yahres

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2 Replies to “Facing Terror Together”

  1. Jake,
    Your site is infected with malware. AVG grabbed the domain and reported it and disinfected the malware in my browser. I’m not the only one reporting this. I also notified Bryan McKenzie who wrote the article about your site. Also I don’t really get the purpose of this site, other than create social solidarity between between like-minded people who are interested in fighting terrorism. It does nothing to fight terrorism that I can see unless somehow I or the reporter has missed the point.

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