A Reason I like Crozet

We have only one phone exchange (for now) – 823-. This reminds me of the town I grew up in, where the exchange was 825-; and I vividly remember the feeling of loss when 827 was born. No longer could I remember only four digits to call a friend (or remember my home number).

Perhaps with cell phones’ growing dominance, we can push off the advent of new Crozet phone exchanges for a while longer … but for now, 823 is a reason I like Crozet.

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2 Replies to “A Reason I like Crozet”

  1. I grew up in 456, I miss living in Greenwood. I had never thought about it before but whenever someone tells me their phone number and it is Crozet or Greenwood I always smile a bit remembering those days…

  2. Just moved in July from Mathews County — only county in VA with no traffic light, and the county with 725 as the phone prefix. We too usually gave our numbers using the last four digits, because everyone was 725-****.

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