Safe Routes to School delayed. Again

One day, the Safe Routes to School might get funded … I’m tired of writing about the delays, and I know Crozetians and the folks at the County just want the darn improvements finished (and started).

Trevor Henry with Albemarle County emails:

The Safe Routes To School (SRTS) bids were opened Thursday afternoon and unfortunately came in over staff’s construction estimate again even though there was significant scope changes in the plan from the previous bid, including adjusting the alignment of the sidewalk to remove ~ 350 ft. of ACSA water line relocation.

The bids were  ~$70K above the latest estimate and exceed the 25% difference in bid to estimate required by VDOT to allow the project to proceed. Staff utilized recent construction cost information from local projects and the VDOT cost database prior to confirm the cost estimate going to bid.

Staff discussed the bid results with VDOT and have  been informed that if the county can find the additional funding and justify the cost increase VDOT will support the grant funded project to move forward.  Staff is currently conducting the bid analysis are planning to request the funding increase at the January BOS meeting that if approved by the BOS and VDOT will allow the project to move forward in early spring.


With the coming budget cuts in Albemarle, I’m of the opinion that this may be a hard sell.