Crozet Library will be Downtown

The library will be Downtown. Thanks to Jeremy Borden with the DP:

Board members said neither site would please everyone, but they all had their own reasons for wanting the site downtown.

Now … is that house historic?

And … also from the DP:

School Board member Brian Wheeler said that in the Crozet Master Plan, the new elementary school’s cost is listed at $12.4 million. According to the school division’s long-range planning committee estimations, it will cost $29 million if construction started in 2017, the year planned. This figure does not reflect the cost of acquiring land for the school, Wheeler noted.

Update 11-04-06: Cvillenews has a story. All stories on the library.

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One Reply to “Crozet Library will be Downtown”

  1. From the Crozet Community Association listserv:

    The Board of Supervisors tonight voted unanimously to locate the new Crozet library “downtown” on the property called the “Harris-Amato” site. A group of us were there for the vote which proceeded without any public comment, only a presentation by county staff and the architects. There was lengthy discussion and questioning by the Board before voting. One factor is choosing downtown was preserving the old school site as a possible site for a new elementary school one day. In the meantime the old school has many possible uses, including a cultural center, a police sub-station, and even rented as a school.

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